Jiang hu san nu xia

Jiang hu san nu xia

The plot follows the titular sisters, Ruo Lien, Ruo Lan and Ruo Mei whose clan protects the famous mighty steel sword, a powerful weapon much sought after by their rivals, in particular the...

Lo Lieh play an ambitious martial artist who wishes to be number one in the martial world. Unfortunately, while he's tough, he's no match for the son of the number one martial artist. Unwilling to wait for the next tournament, he connives to steal the legendary Magic Steel Sword from his bride to be who with her sisters is protecting the sword from unscrupulous martial artists. He easily steals the sword which is half super steel and half super magnet.This way he's able to disarm all his opponents by pulling their iron weapons right out of their hands from across the room. The three sisters team up with the son and try to take back the sword. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hayley K (mx) wrote: I was warned about this movie and didn't listen. For the record, Gail you were right and I'm a dumbass. The film was god awful. It is interesting in places but if I have to hear one more person add numbers together to equal 23 I'm gonna strangle them. Maybe that's why the number drives people crazy cause people who are obsessed with it are annoying. Oh, and Jim Carrey. I liked you in The Mask and Dumb and Dumber so I'm gonna give you a tip: Stick to comedy. You're not sexy and I never want to see you naked again. Oh! and you're not a badass either so wash your freakin hair already and go back to talking out of your butt.

Kevin S (kr) wrote: pretty cool documentary

Gloria L (jp) wrote: Loved the short story by Stephen King. Everything was close to the book except the ending scene. That was a little disappointing.

Scott D (ca) wrote: There are two very good action sequences: the first scene and then a chase along a freeway on foot & vehicle. Then for the remianing hour you're left with routine chop-socky, hokey acting, and lame dialogue. The climactic confrontation on a plate-glass window pane particularly falls flat. Bonus points though for an unforseen twist of fate regarding one of the heroes.

Sunil J (kr) wrote: An odd but interesting tale from Almodovar. Think Sister Act but dark. Loved the cast in these odd roles.

Caleb C (kr) wrote: Knowing this is a sequel now, I am kinda disappointed I hadn't seen the first, which is Westworld. Otherwise, I did understand why so many critics didn't like this film. The acting is pretty awful and in most ways this just makes it into the B-movie category. It's cheesy as heck, but I did love it for what it was and it is a very relaxed and interesting film. The depth of this story is lacking, though, and possibly a remake may be in order, although, there has been movies recently that have some small elements that could have been borrowed from this 76' film.

Bradley M (gb) wrote: While originally designed to be a horror, with the cast and the acting it quickly just becomes awesomely bad. Much like Sharknado, it's a terrible film but overly enjoyable nonetheless.

Carlos I (au) wrote: Fantastic family fun. Pixar at their best. Good for the kids and parents, without just throwing a bunch of obnoxious nostalgic references.

Nate T (ca) wrote: Very well done but melancholy period bio pic with great acting. It is a bit slow but if one sticks with it, the film is well worth it.