Jiao tou fa wei

Jiao tou fa wei

A famous weapons instructor goes on a killing spree, packed with martial arts, after his son is kidnapped and castrated.

In The Master Strikes Back, Hong Kong's Steadicam pioneering director Sun Chung brings back legendary Ti Lung to play famous weapons instructor Tung Tieh-cheng, who is invited to teach a Ching official's soldiers, in this unofficial sequel to The Kung-fu Instructor. But after his son is kidnapped and castrated what follows is a chaotic, human whirlwind of slicing and dicing compliments of the highly touted martial arts director and one of Jackie Chan's kung-fu classmates, Yuan Te. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adriano B (ag) wrote: Martial arts, dynamic and awesome as they are, can lessen the heaviest burden, but unfortunately TWKoML pacing and message are propaganda laden, and glorifying terrorist methods nowadays seems out of place. Feminist commies make even the machoest man feel uneasy.

James C (jp) wrote: 11111111111111111111111

Coolprateekskdyahoocom C (br) wrote: ranbir kapoor acted awesomeranbir and deepika looked very cute

Carl M (es) wrote: In 1989, a young boy is kidnapped by a local madman and raised to be a soulless killer. When Allison makes the mistake of trying to save him, she becomes trapped in the pair's murderous game! Director Stevan Mena returns with a bloody tale of nature versus nurture that takes us back to the slaughterhouse in BEREAVEMENT, the highly-anticipated prequel to 2004's hit MALEVOLENCE. Anyone who may have written MALEVOLENCE off as being cheap imitation will have much to consider now. Mena demonstrates all of the same skill and control as he had shown previously, but this time without the obvious references to HALLOWEEN or TEXAS CHAIN SAW that may have lessened the impact for some viewers.BEREAVEMENT is a much different film than before, focusing far more on the personalities of the characters and the psychosis of the killer. This, again, is no FRIDAY THE 13TH. The people presented on screen are smart, realistic, and rounded individuals. We care for them, and as a result, the tension and suspense soar because we do not want to see them get hurt. Their deaths have meaning. Mena has put together a much stronger cast, with exceptional performances by Michael Biehn, John Savage, and Alexandra Daddario. The biggest praise goes to Spencer List in the role of Martin, however, whose emotionless performance and unflinching expressions capture the essence of the character perfectly. List is never assumed to be evil, he is just blank. The success of BEREAVEMENT lies solely on the believability of this performance, and List excels in the role.With key cinematography by Marco Cappetta, another thrilling score, and a more intelligent script overall, BEREAVEMENT shows an advancement in style and form for the now-established director. The Masters of Horror will need to scoot over to make room for Stevan Mena at the dinner table. -Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

James H (de) wrote: Great documentary about something very close to a lot of people... Parents...What happens when you stop looking at your parents as your parents, but see them as a man & woman who had/have the same emotions and desires that you do... This film does a GREAT job at making you think differently.Another question raised is what if you find your mothers journal, and it goes completely against everything you originally thought of her? And what do you do with it if you are a documentary filmmaker???? Do you share her innermost thoughts with the world for the "greater good"?Its an awesome movie, where you cant help but see many parts of your own family in it... I rented it, but I have to buy it now!!!

max p (kr) wrote: i guess this is not bad, whatever.

Phillip D (ag) wrote: Heartbreaking but beautiful and funny too. A good all-rounder.

Ray d (kr) wrote: Yorgos Lanthimos rec

Ben R (ag) wrote: This is what pretty In Pink should have been and more. I really loved this one the whole way through and really wanted more when it was all said and done. That's how you should feel after a great movie that hits all the right notes and gets you deep down in all the right places. I couldn't say the same for the reverse version of this called Pretty In Pink,which I wrote a very honest unkind review of but hey, someone had to say what that movie really was. Pretty in pink was very shallow and heartless and Some kind of Wonderful is extremely charming and loveable. I don't know if that was the film makers intention from the start when they made this,but... it almost felt like they knew they missed the point on the previous movie and decided to go for a home run here. Eric Stoltz as Keith Nelson is the male version of Molly Ringwalds Character in pretty in pink, he plays the role very well and gives his character more depth playing the loveable artsy,nerdy,blue collar sensitive guy. I absolutely fell in love with Mary Stuart Masterson as Watts, who is Keith's best friend who is totally in love with him but he just can't see it. Lea Thompson plays the high school dream girl that Keith is in love with at first sight but knows he doesn't have the money or power to get her. I really loved how this looked at the whole pretty in pink concept from the male point of view, and all the characters here seemed very fleshed out and no one seemed overly annoying at all. I really dug Elias Koteas as the skinhead punk with a heart of gold, who becomes Keith's friend after many weeks of detention who helps him out later on. Craig Sheffer (another favorite of mine) plays the rich asshole boyfriend character who cheats on Lea Thompson, and she stays because she wants that power and status. Keith seeing him cheat knows he would be a better match for Thompson's character and after a scene where he asks her out at the right moment and she says yes, its when Mary Stuart Masterson's character Watts really figures out how much she loves Keith. The drama happens from that point on and I won't give away the ending but it will leave you more than satisfied. I wasn't expecting alot from this after watching pretty in pink but it knocked me on my ass with how much better of a movie it was. I suggest watching them back to back to see for yourself. You just get a better feeling for this movie as a whole and it doesn't come off super cheesy like Pretty In Pink was. This is a perfect date movie especially for a guy to watch with his girl so he can show her his sensitive side. I'd call this pretty much a guy friendly chick flick that has a good balance of male and female perspective throughout the whole movie. So its not bashing one side or the other and I tend to find alot of chick flicks are just so focused on guys as assholes routine that it turns me off from watching alot of them. This has a pretty equal feel of the good side and bad side of both sexes. I also really think its a shame Eric Stoltz wasn't a bigger star after doing this but oh well that's how life works I guess.

Marco T (es) wrote: A one of a kind film curio that could only be made in 1968. The whole film can be seen on YouTube and is well worth seeing.

Bryan C (it) wrote: This sci-fi thriller holds up well nearly 40 years later.Grade: A

Karsh D (de) wrote: Sly and Arnie team up once more as they try to breakout of a prison that no one has escaped from. Vinnie Jones is in this as well. best to warn you.

Bob R (jp) wrote: It's Luke Goss from Bros as a mean and moody Eastern European hitman, worth a look with a nice twist.

Brett B (gb) wrote: Solid flick with a great cast and interesting plot. Willis and Billy bob play well off one another and makes this a very entertaining movie.