Shaamu falls in love with Raadha at first sight. As they grow close to each other, destiny takes another turn.

Shaamu falls in love with Raadha at first sight. As they grow close to each other, destiny takes another turn. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jigariyaa torrent reviews

Sebastien B (gb) wrote: It was like eating a bowl of bland oatmeal with Bill Murray being the brown sugar or whatever sweet stuff that you like to add to your porridge.

Amy W (ag) wrote: Nothing happens, like in many Japanese films. Just sit and watch it, like eating the very best shaved-ice you'll ever eat. xD

Graham B (de) wrote: I make films for fun, so can appreciate when my favourite band on the planet makes a film that it won't be the best thing they do. However, Christmas on Mars surpasses that, and very much captures the essence of the band, great message, honest endeavour, innovation, and a home made ego free charm. What this lacks is broader than fan base appeal, and I'm talking about fans that copied Mushroom tapes to tape..., tried to dye their hair orange with tangerine peel and have a stock of fake blood, just in case. Saddos, like me. 679 people have rated this film to date, and to those people I can say, I can make a better film technically, but this is not about technique, its about the Flaming Lips and the fact that they don't know when to stop, god bless 'em.

Ville L (kr) wrote: Not bad enough to be good :)

Davi M (it) wrote: I love Tommy Lee Jones.

Marion R (br) wrote: Best movie ever! ? I really enjoyied it, it was fun.

Michael M (gb) wrote: I loved this movie. Loved , loved, LOVED it. It combines a lot of the ingredients I like in a movie. Road trip, life altering journey, adult/child relationship, even the depression era setting I really like when it's done well, and here it's done really well. It actually feels like a film from the time its set (except for some of the more risque content), despite being released decades later.The two lead performances are absolutely perfect, and they have a great chemistry with each other (no surprise seeing as they are real life father and daughter) that was a joy to watch. When they argue, it's awkwardly funny; when they have moments of dramatic tenderness, it's heartwarming.The black and white perfectly captures the mood, and the film just looks gorgeous. It's funny, heart-warming, dramatic, and thematically powerful. The deliberate pace will turn some people off, but I thought it worked very well. All around, it's just a perfect movie.

Anastasia P (jp) wrote: One of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Louis de funes is absolutely comical

Paul C (mx) wrote: Not one of the strongest of the Carry On canon, but scripted by Talbot Rothwell there are still plenty of gags. The main fault with the film is that it is missing so many Carry on regulars - and the cast members who fill their places just dont cut the mustard!

Gabi B (kr) wrote: I love old comedies cause they are so sincerely funny without any nude intimate jokes and cheap homour. It's quite surprising to see the chemistry between Audrey and Gary. Great classic.

MariePier D (kr) wrote: That was one psycho wife ! I still cannot believe what I've seen.

Ransom K (mx) wrote: CRAPPY MOVIE COOKIE!