• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1951
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Jighansa 1951 full movies, Jighansa torrents movie

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Jighansa torrent reviews

Louie S (us) wrote: Who green lit this piece of hot garbage?

deena m (it) wrote: My grand baby loves it

Nick L (jp) wrote: If your a Michael Douglas fan then watch, if not then skip it.

Pit B (au) wrote: Hilarious! !!!!!!! One of my all time favorite comedies! !!!!!!!!!!!

Timm S (jp) wrote: A Methodical, Detailed & Somewhat Slow Re-Telling Of An Infamous New York Incident. It Definitely Created A New, Close Relationship To Man-Made Structures For This (Some Would Say Crazy) Frenchman. Quite An Eccentric Character.

Darren F (jp) wrote: I learned a little bit about my own family's history in Lithuania. It was moving to see such a small country survive while being embroiled in such incredible conflict, and it was inspiring to see culture and true patriotism expressed in a non-violent manner. Truly incredible.

Sophie J (es) wrote: Loved it probs cos i'm a swimmer :)

Celeste K (jp) wrote: absolutely top notch in every aspect.

Katie L (us) wrote: Let me complain about this movie for a bit. Chances are you haven't seen it and trust me, don't. It's about a little boy with eye problems. He has severely bad eyesight and only sees very blurry (if at all) without his glasses which he hates wearing. However, the first half of the movie we don't know about his trouble with his glasses; instead you are made to believe that the majority of the town is blind. He supposedly lives near an establishment for the blind and his mother and all his neighbors are blind. So then this killer goes on this killing spree killing all the blind defenseless people and everyone's like "that's awful, the poor blind people". Then the killer poses as a photographer and tells a blind woman that he wants to photograph her, and just as he is about to kill her the killer gets stabbed with knitting needles by the little boy. The little boy is a hero, the killers dead, and everyone's happy. Now that would have been a perfect place to end the movie. But no, the writer decides to make it all psychological, which normally is fine, as in Psycho when you come to the realization that "oh my God, the mothers dead and Norman's crazy" (well most of us already got that Norman was crazy half way through the movie. How many grown man do you know of who brag to the first women he's seen in years "a mother is a boys best friend" but you can draw your own conclusions) anyway, so the writers decide to go all psychological on you and you realize that the hour and the half of shitty movie you just watched, wasn't real at all and was all in the boys head. Whenever he's not wearing his glasses he sees everyone else as blind, but when he puts them on he sees normally. As for the rest of the movie there are a lot of really long scenes with him hitting the eye of his glasses with knitting needles as he wears them, and at some point he takes his baby sister into the woods and attempts to kill her with knitting needles; after that there is another really good place to end the movie, but does it end? Of coarse not, that would just be too simple. No the movie's like the freaking energizer bunny; that's right, its annoying and doesn't go away (and it keeps going and going and going). Honestly, I don't remember how it actually ended but it sucked too. I do not recommend this movie, okay I don't know why I just said that because if after reading everything I just wrote, you got from that, "wow, she thinks this is a great movie and recommends it, I should go rent it" then you're an idiot. But anyway, if you don't trust me or don't care, then rent it. Have fun being bored out of your mind and putting yourself through mental hell.

Jayakrishnan R (mx) wrote: 61%Saw this on 22/11/16As a light-hearted war film, it could have me been worth a watch, but towards it's end it had to throw in some unconvincing military action that is least compelling and laughable at equal parts. In the end, it feels like a movie simply made to show-off Eastwood as a macho at his age.

Colin F (it) wrote: An absolute classic and one of the darker Hammer Horror Films. Peter Cushing is at the top of his game here as a Witch Hunter, combined with Vampires and the lovely (Baddly dubbed) Collinson twins, this makes for a well above average Hammer Horror Caper.

Jeff Z (nl) wrote: Weak sequel, highlighted by Ed Asner wearing a toupee.

Rebecca J (au) wrote: A classic 90's movie - awesome!

Trevor P (au) wrote: What makes Harry Potter stand out from other franchises is that the books/films smartly mature in tone and theme as their audience does. Prisoner of Azkaban sets that concept off with the believable connection Harry builds with the richly dense Professor Lupin and his compassionate godfather Sirius. But don't be fooled, the dialogue is still weak, as is its continued "kids outsmart the grown-ups" scenario utilized from the first two films that I personally cannot stand.

Stuart P (us) wrote: Pretty standard stuff. A bit scary. Not at all pleasant.

Jessica N (nl) wrote: I Love this Movie!!!