Jigoku no banken: akai megane

Jigoku no banken: akai megane

A surreal science fiction noir involving a man trapped in a future where seemingly everyone is a government spy and all-night noodle stands are outlawed.

Summer 1995. With the arrival of the "Age of Cats" (猫の時代), the former Kerberos police unit is now disbanded. However one member remains, a stray dog who returns to his old roost after a three-years exile. This wild dog no longer has a master, but now the "Young Lady of Fate" (運命の少女) will guide him on his journey... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yvan C (kr) wrote: Gore mais b (C)n (C)ficiant d'une trs bonne r (C)alisation, un trs bon film de sci-fi avec un sc (C)nario bien tir (C) par les cheveux. Ne connaissant le manga que par le nom, je savais juste qu'il s'agissait d'un film catastrophe sur fond de monstres ... donc pas une grosse attente (C)tant donn (C) que l'animation japonaise en est pleins. Mais ici on passe un agr (C)able moment et mme le non amateur du genre que je suis bien appr (C)ci (C) :D

Tuukka P (kr) wrote: Small indie drama about an older married couple trying to cope with a loss of their teenage daughter by helping a young prostitute in New Orleans. Ridleys son Jake Scott clearly has the hang on the family business plus with Gandolfini and Leo doing excellent work in the leads this is solid drama with only Stewart having some trouble trying to match the level set by the much more experienced counterparts.

Liam M (us) wrote: 9.3/10District 9 is an intense sci-fi drama that is both touching and extremely suspenseful. A very good movie that is lead by the powerful acting of Sharlto Copely and amazing visual effects. Neil Blomkamp's directorial debut is a great success.

Matt G (de) wrote: Kaurismaki strips his own already minimalist style of its narrative spontaneity in this loose take on the noir genre. There's something about this quiet world of missed opportunities that makes every slight and colossal failure of Koistinen's life more heartbreaking than the last. Does the title refer to the dim possibility of hope that our protagonist has suffered for? The ending reminds me of Bresson's Pickpocket. Love comes too late.

Paul D (fr) wrote: I think Alan Rickman is one of the more memorable parts of this movie. While it does run a bit long, I do still enjoy it for the most part. It does lose focus from time to time, but it is still one of the better live-action Robin Hood movies out there.

John A (nl) wrote: Originally Released As Nico In The UK, Seagal's Screen Debut Contains 50% More Plot Than What Is Needed, Which Allows The Film To Grow, Add In Some Great Action Scenes, Typical 80's Violence & What We Have Is An Average 80's Action/Thriller Which Doesn't Fail To Entertain. This Along With Some Of Seagal's Other Early Films Show That A Good Script Can Make Even Some Of The Worst Actors Perform Above Average. Seagal Is No Great Actor, But Is On Top-Form For His Debut.

Katie K (de) wrote: better than I thought it would be!

Arash A (fr) wrote: of all the Oscars Scorsese SHOULD have won.....this should have been it....don't get me wrong "Ordinary People" is a good film...but compared to THIS.....Anyhow, just goes to show you how the Oscars don't mean anything.

Evan H (kr) wrote: A tragic documentary that is quite fascinating and eccentric! These two women are a joy to watch!

Corey M (ag) wrote: Literally one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Not a comedy, but laughable dialog...just awful. An hour and a half you'll never get back.