Jigoku no banken: kerubersu

Jigoku no banken: kerubersu


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:Japanese,Mandarin,Min Nan
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:gun,   sequel,  

Detective Kouichi Todome -- head of the elite Kerberos police squad -- escapes after the unit is marked for destruction by the government. Three years later, Inui, a member of the squad, is released from prison with one goal: to find his former master. But the trail to Todome is a twisted one, and when Inui finally finds Todome, he realizes that instead of following his own path, Todome was following the orders of another. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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cli o (kr) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Jesse O (it) wrote: How many dramatic roles has Adam Sandler done now? With Punch Drunk Love, this film, and Spanglish, which had comedic aspects, that makes 3 films in his entire career where Sandler decided to get serious. To be perfectly honest, while I don't think he's great, there are some scenes where he shows some promise as a dramatic actor. Perhaps he wouldn't ever reach the greatness of a Daniel Day Lewis. He'd be several notches below that, and I don't think I'd really trust him to carry a dramatic film on his sole performance alone, he'd be better as part of an ensemble where there's not as much pressure on him to perform. But he shows some promise. There's this one scene, you'll know the one, where he finally reveals to Alan what he's kept to himself for all the years since the events that took his family. This is the real highlight of the film, from Sandler's standpoint at least. The other scene where his acting stands out is when he finds himself pointing the gun at the police officers in an effort to get himself killed. There's a certain way to how he carries himself in this scene that shows that the grief he's carried over the years have finally taken their toll on him and his psyche, the breaking point being finally opening up to Alan about what happened. I thought Sandler handled this scene quite well. He has finally been crushed under the weight of his grief. I don't think that's something that easy to pull off. There were no other options for Charlie and that's a testament to Sandler, can't take anything away from him there. However, there's other moments in the film where he's not so good, when he raises his voice in anger. This doesn't work, because it's the same voice he uses for comedic effects in his comedy films. So it's hard, for me, to take him seriously when he does this. There's other moments of the film where he just feels like a muppet, someone to be pitied and feel sorry for instead of someone going through a very intense period of grief. I don't think the film properly explores what grief can do to a person, since Charlie, while the focus of the film and its story, isn't exactly the main character. He's treated as such, but he's really not. Even with that, though, I still found this movie to be good, not great. I think there's a great film to be had here if you get past the sentimental aspects of the film. But, because of that, the film can feel a little exploitative at times. The film is never offensive, in my opinion, but it feels that they're using a real-life tragedy to tell a story that didn't really need it. Grief is grief, there's no one way to tell a story about a person's grief over having lost loved ones. Literally, it could've been done any other way. Burglary gone wrong, drunk driving. Hell you could even go with a train crash. Anything else. But, for some reason, it had to be 9/11. There's no real reason for why it had to be this way to be honest. If at least it made sense in the context of the story, but it doesn't. But I digress, that's neither here nor there. The film is still pretty good all things considered. Got a good story and some solid acting, even if Sandler isn't always consistent, Don Cheadle is. Wish it would've gone more in-depth into this character, but it was not to be. Still, this is a perfectly good Netflix watch.

Rida S (us) wrote: I dont believe i hadnt seen this one. Crazy. Hilarious.

Hannah M (br) wrote: This movie tries to be a shocking mind-bending thriller, but all the twists simply make the movie convoluted without any clear resolution. The ending brings confusion rather than a moment of, "Wow, I didn't see that coming!" Several of the plot points seem contrived, although this may have been deliberate in showing the unbelievable deceptions that the two key characters try to pass off to each other. Tim Roth delivers a magnificent performance, however, and the movie is possibly worth watching just for him.

Linda M (it) wrote: Good, sophisticated Tarzan movie - not bad to look at either.

Jason M (es) wrote: The effects are so-so but it's a great action movie and helps you forget the Sly Stallone abomination.