Jihne Mera Dil Luteya

Jihne Mera Dil Luteya

Life is carefree and filled with series of mischievous events for dashing and happy-go-lucky Yuvraj and rocking rebel Gurnoor at the Patiala University, until they are bedazzled by the charming and sexy Noor who sweeps them off their feet the moment she lands in their lives, as both vie for their lady love's attention and her heart.

Life is carefree and filled with series of mischievous events for dashing and happy-go-lucky Yuvraj and rocking rebel Gurnoor at the Patiala University, until they are bedazzled by the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William L (de) wrote: great cast very well written ben affleck is a good director and makes this movie really entertaining

Miraal C (gb) wrote: Scary as heck. Interesting overall

Molly R (es) wrote: Unbelievably cheesy, but I liked it.

Jasneet S (us) wrote: Total crap...don't even think of watching it!

Emil S (ru) wrote: Miike seem incapable of making a boring movie. Over the top fights and yakuza drama, strange characters, biker gangs, rock bars and so on. This is one fun ride.

Ed C (fr) wrote: One line summary: Female agent of crime bosses services her adrenaline addiction while being dogged by treachery.---------------------------------------------- Sandra and Miles have a long talk about their long, slow dissolve into a permanent breakup. She goes off to work with Sue and Lester Wang. She kills Miles for Lester Wang. Then she's off to yet another gig in Hong Kong under a new identification. Her friend Lisa goes to Hong Kong as well, but separately. Sandra finally gets to the appointed place, and finds Lisa murdered. Whom to trust? She kills two would-be assassins, then goes on the run. Sandra talks to Sue, who is also in Hong Kong. Sue says Sandra can meet Lester but Sandra meets Sue instead. They talk about Lester, and his cheating on Sue. They talk as well about Sue's expertise with Beijing versus Lester's being limited to Europe and Hong Kong. By this time, there is a warrant for Sandra's arrest for her murder of the two assassins she killed. She has no ID that will allow her to fly or register at a hotel. Plus, Sue drugged her. Ah, jealousy. She awakes in a dwelling that one of Lester's friends owns. She gives Sandra passport, tickets, and money for a trip to Shanghai, where a job awaits her. Lester is not happy with Sue. Sandra sees Lester meet with Andrei, Miles' long time partner. So, she killed Miles for Andrei. Nice. What will she do with this knowledge? Smells like a sequel, but I do not see one in IMDB.-------Scores--------- Cinematography: 6/10 A bit blurry and soft in focus for perhaps 80% of the film. The camera work was jumpy for far too many minutes. Sound: 4/10 Better than the video. However, sound also transmits information; well, sometimes it does. The Netflix version had unacceptable problems. There were dozens of lines in French, with no translation in the subtitles. This was not good. There were five times as many lines in Chinese, also with no English in the subtitles. That was even worse. Acting: 6/10 I liked the performances of Kelly Lin and Michael Madsen, but Asia Argento was more bizarre than interesting. Screenplay: 4/10 This is a nice 10 minute short done in 106 minutes. The conversations between Miles and Sandra went on forever. Thirty plus minutes of those conversations could have been cut. The conversations between Sandra and Sue go on forever.

Matthew S (br) wrote: Once again, I was the lone man out in loving this film when it was released in the US. Dark, grim, transgressive, disturbing and unsettling -- Ma Mere is a sort of allegorical look into the slow collapse of western culture. The film is perverse for a reason. Isabelle Huppert is perfectly cast and holds nothing back in Christophe Honor's experimental film of family dysfunction and Existential Ennui. A bold and brave performance that cannot be ignored. And it would be unfair to not comment on the exceptional cinematography by Hlne Louvart. Certainly not for everyone, but I feel the critics missed the mark on this film.

Tony M (br) wrote: Life Stinks is a fun film. I give this flick 4 stars.

Greg S (br) wrote: In frozen Archangel in 1919, a one-legged lieutenant meets a woman whose husband has amnesia and believes it is always their wedding day, while the local militia fights both Germans and Bolsheviks, not realizing that both World War I and the Russian Revolution are over. A dreamlike and melancholy meditation on forgetfulness, ignorance and confusion, done in the style of an early sound film.

Peter P (br) wrote: Clint Eastwood is normally cool, but make him a retired assassin that climbs mountains, and you just get even cooler. That is the Eiger Sanction in a nut shell, but it has a utter coolness to it, and Clint is in great form, so if you are a fan it is well worth the watch, plus it gets extra credit for the mountain climbing scenes, which must have been very hard to film, so that is good too..

Dane M (ru) wrote: interesting premise poorly executed

Catherine L (gb) wrote: this is wit n charm a modern twist to the traditional dragon inn. Maggie and hsin chia in one kind of lesbo like repartee

Dominic F (nl) wrote: Considered a little risque at the time (a white woman falling for an oriental) when mixed race marriages were banned in the USA, it now still works on a certain level, the sets and acting of the two leads are splendid. However, it is difficult to think Derek Malcolm chose this over It's A Wonderful Life, Lost Horizon, It Happened One Night, Mr Smith Goes To Washington and Mr Deeds Goes To Town as his favourite Frank Capra film.

Tyler P (gb) wrote: Cela commence comme un enieme film sur le terrorisme pro-americain et anti-islam mais au bout de 5 minutes ca vire au film beaucoup plus intelligent que ca. A voir.

Leonard D (kr) wrote: Liz Berkeley tried way too hard to make anyone of us care one bit! Just post this on pornhub and call it free to watch already!

Private U (br) wrote: Le titre dit tout... A oublier, meme pour les amateurs du genre. Dire qu'on a meme eu droit a une suite!