Jill the Ripper

Jill the Ripper

A tough guy goes undercover on a personal mission of vengeance into the hardcore world of S&M, to find out who's responsible for the death of his brother.

A tough guy goes undercover on a personal mission of vengeance into the hardcore world of S&M, to find out who's responsible for the death of his brother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam D (it) wrote: I was surpised by this movie, since most animated shows go downhill after their first movie. However, this one primes me up for the theatrical release of the upcoming feature length version.

Alex B (us) wrote: Very few films can be so fake. So unrealistic. Stuff like this gives little kids the wrong impression of teen life. No one is gonna have problems like Miley. They're gonna have problems like sex and drugs. In this world, virtually everything is perfect and clean cut. No one drinks, swearing is unheard of, and sex doesn't exist. The worst words used are "heck" and "dang flabbit" The teens don't rebel and the problems are light in comparison to real life. I also think that the idea of having a double life is a terrible thing. Why have 2 fake lives when you could have 1 real one? And the plots itself is pretty cliche and poorly written. None of the jokes are funny, the entire story is pretty much given away at the beginning of the film, the actings dull, and the music is crap.Disney is the wrong company to make stuff about teen life. The film is a very "Disneyfied" look at teen life and young kids wont understand how adolescence actually is. I'm not asking the film to drop F-bombs every 5 seconds (though that would actually be more believable), I just need something that teenagers can at least kind of relate to.

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intuciic (us) wrote: didnt like first 1/3 so didnt even tried to continue watching.

Noah A (br) wrote: As good as the first one. B

Alexander P (au) wrote: A beguiling rom-com with the best written Italian-American family since The Godfather. 8/10.

E C (de) wrote: I saw this when it came out in the theaters, and now my kids have seen it via Netflix. I still loved it!

Alex A (ru) wrote: Great actors, fantastic plot and Morricone delivers one of his best scores. Highly recommended

John B (au) wrote: I loved this film and I absolutely love the chemistry between Mastroianni and Loren. The comedy is fantastic and the plot twists are an absolute delight.

Logan M (us) wrote: Committed Kubrick fans will want to see "Fear and Desire," but it's probably nobody's favorite Stanley Kubrick film.

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