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Jimmy Zip

An abused runaway with pyromaniac tendencies teams up with a metal sculptor. Together they blow away the art world and a local crime boss.

An abused runaway with pyromaniac tendencies teams up with a metal sculptor. Together they blow away the art world and a local crime boss. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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De D (gb) wrote: Je vais tre indulgent avec ce film petit budget en rsumant ma critique par seulement quelques mots : sans saveur , pas drle, rat ,une grosse merde indigne de la BD , aussi pitoyable que l' opus prcdent , et puis voil voir si vous avez du temps perdre ou de l'argent gaspiller , bref encore un chef d' oeuvre cinmatographique de l' industrie franaise.

Kevin P (ru) wrote: If you want high end action packed cinema this not it. The up side is it is exactly what you would expect cheesy comedy excessive nudity and violence. Perfect for the B movie zombie lover.

Iggy V (au) wrote: Indie NoseBone here! I'll say it right now... Aside from the one horribly CGI insect, this has got to be one of those movies you watch over and over! And each time you do, you pick up on something new. A lot of Time Travel references without getting too pushy. And I'm no scientist, but they seem to stick to the rules of time travel amazingly well. Full of hilarious jokes, and actions, Chris O'Dowd, Anna Farris and the other cast members are enough to keep you watching right to the end of the credits! Enjoy!!!

Heather M (mx) wrote: I will be skipping this.

Nelly J (nl) wrote: One of my favorite japanese animated films..and thats saying alot. the style at times can look almost lazy but then you ignore it cause the story is so compelling. a few twist and turns. i loved it.

Fred L (it) wrote: great movie; very thought-provoking, highly recommend

David J (ca) wrote: Although "Training Day" is an average, formulaic cop thriller, it's bolstered by an engaging, but implausible, story and an excellent menacing performance from Denzel Washington.

Ian B (au) wrote: The joy that came from this was mine and my mate's added rifftrack. This movie only did one thing for me and that's cause me to appreciate the original more. Numerous characters were ruined with horrible voice actors, the plot was messy and boring, the dialogue was lacking, and the animation was cheap. NONETHELESS!! I actually watched the whole thing.

Rania A (mx) wrote: I tried to watch this but after 23 minutes I got so mind-numbingly bored. Could not get into it and would not recommend.

Nate T (fr) wrote: Well done action - mystery takes it's time but is well worth it. Great cast.

Edgar C (gb) wrote: Truffaut's fascination for Hitchcock enables him to compose a top-notch, brilliantly executed thriller where revenge hides under two elements: relative beauty and subjective vendetta motors blinding any possible rational thought. So let's see what this film offers:1) Jeanne Moreau > Uma Thurman.2) On the day of her wedding, her fiance is assassinated by five men. Does that smell like Kill Bill?3) Desperate and alone, she seeks revenge on the five men responsible. It is a task, a mission, and there's nothing that will stop this female revenge machine. Really, are we talking about Kill Bill?4) That's not all. Also, the events are told in a non-chronological way. The tragedy is seen through flashbacks.5) Wait! Also, every time she gets rid of one of the men, she crosses the man's name with a pen on a list she wrote down on a small notebook! Goddamn it, Tarantino; you endless, thieving rip-off!Memorable scenes form a provocative and influential thriller, in its best French style!98/100

Edith N (mx) wrote: In Which Sinclair Lewis Makes the Industrialist the Good Guy I think we're supposed to be okay with Sam Dodsworth (Walter Huston), even though he Makes His Wealth on the Backs of the People, because he is at heart one of the people himself. Oh, yeah, he lives in a mansion, and he's a capitalist, and so forth. On the other hand, he is a man of simple pleasures who is not swayed by the decadent ways of the Europeans he encounters. Or something. It's also possible that Hollywood changed things; it wouldn't be the first time, after all. And I have to admit, I'm not big into Sinclair Lewis. Or Upton Sinclair, who is the same person in my head. The most awful book I've ever read in my life was Sinclair Lewis's [i]Arrowsmith[/i], largely because there were no sympathetic characters anywhere in it. Or rather, there was one. She did. In a stupid way. With about two hundred pages to go. Bleah. Sam Dodsworth is the owner of a large American automobile manufacturer. His daugher, Emily (Kathryn Marlow), has just gotten married to Harry McKee (John Payne), and Sam decides to retire and tour Europe with his wife, Fran (Ruth Chatterton). It's only sort of retirement, I note, because the trip involves visiting with a couple of manufacturers in Britain and France. Still, while they're on the ship over, Fran meets Captain Clyde Lockert (David Niven), who convinces her that she's still young, attractive, and interesting to men. Sam meets Mrs. Edith Cortright (Mary Astor), who convinces him that he's interesting at all. Fran then goes on to live a riotous life in France with her husband's money, and he realizes that he can't live the life she wants. I've talked before about how important it is that you like someone going in, and I guess that may be true here. I don't like Fran. On the other hand, I suspect that Sam never really got to know her until this trip. She was his wife who did what he wanted done and made him happy. She was mother to his child. On the other hand, they only had one child, so there's that. Was Fran likeable before? Did Sam know one way or the other? We launch right into the story, so there's no way of knowing. I do think we know that they were never so much on the talking. Even for the decadent, things do not go everyone's way. There is Baron Kurt Von Obdersdorf (Gregory Gaye), who is poor but aristocratic, as quite a lot of Europe was in 1936. Fran, I think, sees him as living a wild, free life, the life she herself wants to, but his future is controlled by his mother (Maria Ouspenskaya). Most of the friends Fran has are probably using her for her ability to finance trips to Lake Geneva and Biarritz and so forth. Sam has a couple of old friends who seem to have known him from before his days as a multimillionaire, and they make him happy. He gets along just fine with Edith. Sam has the money, but it's how he thinks of it that seems to matter. It's not a great movie. It frankly comes across as a little heavyhanded at times. The filming is nothing special, and the dialogue doesn't exactly zing. I only kind of like Sam, and he's the most likeable person in the movie. Except a couple of people who don't really matter. Those friends, and I guess his daughter. But the fact is, Sam does expect the whole world to revolve around him. His needs are simpler than Fran's, and he's not so pretentious. He's okay with being a middle-aged man, and Fran wants to stay young and beautiful forever. I just think that none of these people are really worth taking the time to sympathize with.

Otto T (ru) wrote: My frist R rates movie as a kid ...it ws great then ...it ok now

Cody L (it) wrote: Josh Duhamel does an excellent job as the lead and it's has plenty of action, but it's hardly a change for the torture porn subgenre.

Jeff T (gb) wrote: This movie is exactly what it was meant to be: a tongue-in-cheek action comedy. If you want to zone out for an hour and half and watch the goofy, good guy clumsily win the day, this is your ticket.

Monny M (it) wrote: Ooookay then. That was interesting.