Jin, a guerrilla, lives in a cave and decides to escape from the organization. She finds some civilian clothes and goes down from the mountain to the city. However, the city is no safer than the mountain.

Jîn is something of a Red Riding Hood, a 17-year-old girl determined to live, to participate in life... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicky S (es) wrote: A great, well made film which to me is confirmation that Korean cinema is truly world class. This movie starts out fairly light hearted and very funny at times, but by the end it turns into a gut wrenching, emotional film which lays bare the pain of Korean division and the emotionally horrific situation that the three spies face. The entire movie is very good to great in both parts, with great acting, directing, story, fight scenes, and the set. Its not solidly a 5 star movie, but it rounds to 5. Overall, a great film.

Jean E (ag) wrote: 16th Juneinteresting and moving film about a group of musicians in DRC making it in Europe

Jamison R (es) wrote: This documentary follows one man's journey. It flows from sad to inspiring while taking a few crazy twists along the way. But his unique mind completely enthralled me to the point that I watched this back-to-back times. I can see why he enjoys his world so much

Alexander B (ag) wrote: Another great movie for those who interested to watch an autobiographical movie. Quiet touching too !

Michelle E (us) wrote: Slightly boring for the first half. Diss pick up....It IS sad...but it did leave me slightly confused; I'm not sure I really got the point of the whole thing.....felt more like a video just watching"a day in the life"

Ryan V (fr) wrote: Katsuhiro Otomo, writer/director of the gamechanging Akira, spent a very long time with the production of this steampunk flick. The plot surrounds Ray, a young boy who is flung into a war of corporate espionage between rival munitions firms. That's bad enough, but it readily becomes apparent that Ray's father and grandfather stand on opposite sides of how their revolutionary technology should be used. Steamboy has an overly familiar story about humanity's relationship with weapons of mass destruction. This cautionary tale, however, is bolstered by some of the most meticulously constructed artistic beauty ever set to film.

Lesley N (es) wrote: Being a teenager sucks.

Jian G (de) wrote: Mayhem ensues when the two brainless schlubs go in search of their stolen T.V.. Beavis and Butthead ' s leap to the big screen is entertaining, hilarious, and stays true to the integrity of the characters (or lack thereof) and the franchise. Enough to please diehard fans as well as those unfamiliar of the iconic duo.

Harry W (ca) wrote: Suspenseful, Smart and Sexy. Al Pacino displays that he can do romantic films, and not end up making some sh*t thing thats just about love and loss. And damn, Ellen Barkin was hot. The twist was something i didn't see coming, and it all made sense eventually. It sorta moves slow at parts, but not enough for you to dislike the film

Stefan L (mx) wrote: A great movie and a unique document of this time because it shows the beginnings of rap, DJing, brake dance and graffiti, something which got lost later on.

Adam P (de) wrote: Like much political satire that comes from the art-house corner, Mr. Freedom both suffers and benefits from how much it dumbs down the issues at stake. Occasionally it feels like an unguided polemical rant, but it's also incredibly fun to see Cold War tensions broken down into a three-way argument between Mr. Freedom (a football-uniform-wearing fascist US), Moujik Man (Philippe Noiret in a puffy red Russian send-up), and Red China Man (a giant air-inflated dragon). A precise examination of the issues between the US and the USSR is less the point here than a fire-breathing spoof of world conflict in general. William Klein's set and costume design are exceptional low-budget hyperboles, full of bright colors that make the film very fun to watch. It's got a vibrant exterior, a moral heart, and a dash of intellectual confusion, making it a perfect piece of late-60s protest art. Look for Serge Gainsbourg and Donald Pleasence in supporting roles.

James H (us) wrote: 79/100. Powerfully acted by the entire cast, with Angela Lansbury standing out. John Frankenheimer's direction is excellent, very finely written and with very rich characterizations. Fine pace, good cinematography. Dysfunctional family movies aren't just a product of the 90's and 00's.

Bobby L (ru) wrote: This film adaptation of the novel doesn't deliver the same level of intrigue, but it's well acted and is a good enough mystery to pass some time.

Meredith W (fr) wrote: I've enjoyed many Babs flicks over the years, but with "Yentl," all I can do is wonder what all the fuss is about. Streisand cannot play a young man. He looks like Barbra Streisand. The plot is unbelievable and her continual song breaks are skilled but so similar.