Jitsuroku onna kanbetsusho: sei-jigoku

Jitsuroku onna kanbetsusho: sei-jigoku

A group of beautiful young girls winds up in a juvenile hall because of their constantly getting in trouble with the law. The facility turns out to be a horrible place, where inmates are ...

A group of beautiful young girls winds up in a juvenile hall because of their constantly getting in trouble with the law. The facility turns out to be a horrible place, where inmates are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jitsuroku onna kanbetsusho: sei-jigoku torrent reviews

Nicole G (us) wrote: Such an inspirational movie. They struggles are real. The people are real. The love it real. I would recommend this movie to everyone and anyone.

Phillip K (ca) wrote: Not my kind of movie at all, but very well done.


Stephen S (jp) wrote: I love the noir set up that this film has...you can see how it inspired L.A. Noire to some extent. This film tells a compelling story, which is partially marred by its length and by the sheer stupidity and suddenness of its disappointing ending. Aside from that though, it's a pretty good film.

Rebekah L (ag) wrote: Stupidist film I ever wasted time on.

Quincy T (ag) wrote: As tedious as being imprisoned for several weeks. How a crime drama with such good cast can be so dull is borderline a crime. The actors are good, but the characters they play have the personality of barren unsympathetic schmucks. The screenplay and conversation are dry, primarily dabbling in curses and complaints for nearly the entire movie. While there are clearly a couple of good moments by the actors, they are too few to sustain interest for the rest of boring banters. Kidnapping Mr. Heineken is exactly what it advertises, the story of five men who are down on their luck and decide to snatch a billionaire in hope for monetary gain. It's amazing that none of these five characters is even close to being relatable. The movie tries to depict individuals who are pushed to do illegal things by the circumstance, yet they are all manipulative, aggressive and severely lacking empathy. At latter half they are even interchangeable since everyone has a knack for whining, in exception of Sam Worthington's character who surprises audience with poor and crazy decisions. Probably the best decision the movie did was to put Anthony Hopkins as Heineken in a box and let him do a few monologues. Still, there is no tangible connection between Heineken and the kidnappers, there's not even connection between the kidnappers themselves. When the movie tries to pull friendship theme, it only makes things more awkward.For action crime, one would expect an intelligent plot, perhaps major twists and thought out plans, sadly there's a barely any level of sophistication here as five of them partially wing it and hope for the best. In fact, most of the times they are just fooling around, laughing annoyingly and verbally abusing each other. As for action scenes, majority of TV shows will offer more than this movie. The film offers the shallow sense of helplessness and uneasiness as audience watch five aversive men threatening an old man for money and bicker with each other.

David M (au) wrote: The 3rd (of 4) Star Trek films to star The Next Generation crew (i.e Picard and co, rather than Shatner), before the reboot of the JJ Abrams verse, this is the one in which the crew of the Enterprise-E end up acting against orders when those orders are for them to relocate a society from a planet - a planet, that, it transpires, is effectively the space equivalent of the Fountain of Eternal Youth.Personally, I feel that this is not as good as the previous film ('First Contact'), but is better than the succeeding ('Nemesis'), neither of which are as good as the 'reboot' two ('Star Trek' and 'Into Darkness')