The two-man Laurel and Hardy Zoot Suit Band find themselves fronting a scam for "gasolene pills" in wartime oil-short America. They are however soon on the side of the angels helping recover $10,000 for an attractive young lady whose family have themselves been swindled.

The boys team up with a likable con man to help a pretty singer's mother who's been taken in by swindlers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jitterbugs torrent reviews

Rob R (de) wrote: Great low budget sci-fi movie full of atmosphere and deep narrative.

Gennifer E (gb) wrote: Sexy like Natasha :-))

Will R (it) wrote: The film "Eagle Eye," is, surprisingly, pretty good. It has plenty of tense chase scenes and action to keep you on the edge of your seat, as well as decent performances from Shia Leboeuf & Michelle Monaghan. Altogether, "Eagle Eye" is a gripping and exciting thriller that I would indefinitely recommend.

Kyle W (it) wrote: My wife and I's favorite movie. Seen this MULTIPLE times and never gets old.

Babak I (jp) wrote: Sat 5mins of it. Not my type of movie. Looks quite boring for my tastes.

Private U (mx) wrote: good film! made me very sadly. never watch it again.

Aries M (ag) wrote: Another perfectly directed, beautifully written and wonderfully acted film that can only come from Pedro Almodvar, Fele Martinez and GAEL GARCIA BERNAL. Tragic, as real life is always, but beautiful.

Don S (jp) wrote: Clive Barker's imagination is like a bad acid trip; these denizens of the dark are creepy, disgusting and bent on taking out their frustrations on deserving humans. Wasn't impressed with the acting but the story kept my interest. The effects are pretty good for a straight to video product. I saw the original and didn't keep up with the series. This is the fifth; not great but not horrid.

Glenn M (us) wrote: hmm average movie. However some scenes were just ridiculous, and the "crocodile monster" omg that was fake as hell... else i enjoyed most of it.

Eug W (nl) wrote: things just dont add up sometimes. it has gong li and maggie and irons but was a very bad movie

Juan O (gb) wrote: One of my favorite kid movies!! <3 <3

Private U (au) wrote: Not good plot-wise, but Audrey looks amazing in this film.

Wes S (de) wrote: It's a bit darker from the first film 'The Amazing Colossal Man', and the effects weren't too bad, but the film doesn't offer too much but it has a few good scenes. The title is a little misleading, as it makes it sound like a battle between two colossal beast when there is only one.

Jacob J (it) wrote: A spectacular film that I have loved for years, Sean Connery really brings the heart and emotions of Draco to life with his amazing acting and the soundtrack is just PHENOMENAL.

Rene W (fr) wrote: This movie was incredibly long, but I enjoyed it a bit more than "Divorce Italian Style" just because the social interaction was not as uncomfortable. All-in-all, I thought this was an amusing film.

Charles G (de) wrote: Moving and well done.

Cody C (jp) wrote: Brutal fucking movie. If you like Martin Scorsese, you'll probably like this. It's very clear he saw and loved this. Richard Harris' performance is phenomenal. Just as good as DeNiro in Raging Bull, if not better. And I'd say this is probably the best (and darkest) sports movie ever.

Akira J (de) wrote: I have to say as a metalhead I don't like it because of how misleading it is. The intro was interesting, it depicted a metalhead differently, as someone bullied (which is reaching for movie in the 1986 where rocker was pop culture but you know points for originality). The main character however, aside from the jean jacket, didn't look metal in those earlier scenes, later down the road he begins to look more metal though. I like some of the tees, posters and music in this movie. If it was a movie about the guy using a book of black magic to make a demon out of one of his favorite rocker's corpse to get revenge on his bullies, it would've been alright. But then the movie ironically devolves into the "metalheads are destructive, violent and murderous for no reason" sterotype. The rocker eating snakes, the boy destroying the posters, the rocker being evil just because he's a metalhead. It's really stupid beyond belief. It's like they wanted to make an anti metalhead movie, but disguised it as metalhead horror.