Jiwa taiko

Jiwa taiko


His mistakes may have landed him in jail, but for Firman, it is also the catalyst for a new beginning in life. Trisya is a girl who longs to be loved, but it is only when she meets the one that she realizes that true love is not a bed of roses. Freez is a carefree guy who only thinks about hanging out with his friends and being happy, while Lara is a free spirit who wants to make her way in the world on her own. The four of them meet in Wira Cinta, a club that is owned by Kak Pora where all of them learn martial arts from and also discover themselves, when Pinto, Firman's brother-in-arms from his dark past turns up at the club and demands that Firman returns to the gang or face the consequences. Osman Ali's "Jiwa Taiko" is a social drama about discovering the meaning of friendship and love, which is often taken for granted . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos I (ca) wrote: Not bad. Not very scary or original (seriously, it just reuses mythologies like Bloody Mary or Candyman. On top of a whole host of horror movie cliches) but it's still rather effectively done. It's a decent chiller, with a gimmick that has potential, that can be developed into something cool, one that can sit alongside the boogeymen and slashers of old if done right...

Al P (jp) wrote: Which other movie did she play in?

Robert B (ca) wrote: The Howling (Joe Dante, 1980)[originally posted 19Jul2001]Joe Dante has done some amazing work in his time. He's also done some godawful things for which he should be ashamed. The Howling falls dead in the center of those two. It's creepy, atmospheric, and effective, due in no small part to the incredible talent assembled behind the scenes (John Sayles adapted Gary Brandner's novel; Bottin produced; Dante directed). Unfortunately, it also shows exactly why Dee Wallace never made it past B movies, with the arguable exception of E.T., and disease-of-the-week TV flicks. I mean, she's just bad. The rest of the cast makes it work, though, including "holographic doctor" Robert Picardo in his big-screen debut as the serial killer obsessed with Dee. His line "I'm going to give you a piece of my mind," and the action that follows it, are some of the finest moments in horror film.As a sidelight, this was also the only major film in which the late Elisabeth Brooks appeared (as Marsha, the seductress who goes after Dee Wallace's husband). Brooks is worth seeking out in just about anything, but this is the only flick you're likely to find on rental-house shelves. (She actually made four; the other three were all late-eighties products that have unfortunately faded into obscurity.)If you didn't see this when it came out, you'll probably find it somewhat on the cheesy side. Well, okay, it is, but remember that in 1980 this was groundbreaking stuff by anyone's standards. For those of us who did catch this one back in the day, it makes for a great nostalgia trip. Makes a great double bill with its contemporary Wolfen (1981). ***

Gwen J (mx) wrote: I enjoyed the character dynamics. The ending was a bit odd.

Miedy B (jp) wrote: This movie made me a Claire Danes's fan.

ebin v (mx) wrote: Watch it for Mohanlal's great performance..

Chris R (kr) wrote: The original from Peter Jackson's early years has always left me in stitches. The fact that Jackson did pretty much everything on this film meant that, had the fates been less kind, this could have turned out to be self-indulgent crap like Tommy Wiseau's "The Room". But the film gods smiled on Jackson, and this is awesome.

Amy F (au) wrote: I might be the only person but I believe that this one was better then the original.

David L (es) wrote: Sweet Smell of Success has a very important story, good character development, it is well made and so well acted plus the third act is very dramatic and intense, but everything that came before it wasn't as great, the film isn't that great of a noir film as it was too modern in my opinion, way too underutilized, a bit cold and ultimately overrated.

Colin S (it) wrote: Oooh look! A little JGL!! Isn't it the cutest?? -ahem- Sorry. Anyway, even if it seems to be a tiny bit slow on the pace - editing out what might be space for audience laughter would certainly have helped - the whole piece is charming. Stiles is of course the best thing in this, she is subtly spot-on as always, and Ledger is great and plays his arc wonderfully. Great performances as well by Oleynik, Miller, Krumholtz, Mitchell, and Janney, and Keegan is nicely hateable.

Ryan V (es) wrote: Chick flicky and depressing, but its a passable movie.

Emily B (gb) wrote: Not the most entertaining documentary ever, but the wealth of fascinating knowledge makes up for it.

Vivian Z (it) wrote: favorite movie ever, have watched it more than 50 times.