Selling author, Antoine Brisebard is a victim of a blackmailer, Jo, which threatens to jeopardize his reputation by revealing the past of his wife Sylvia. While the latter must pass the same night to take possession of the money required, Brisebard accidentally kills ...

Antoine Brisebard, a famous comedy playwright, is struggling with financial difficulties and is preparing to sell his country villa to an English couple. What no one knows, however, is that... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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romello w (br) wrote: thank u for letting me see it

Matt R (ag) wrote: It's easy to sit back and criticize these guys as too "self-absorbed" (or at least too absorbed in their fantasy world), but upon second though it's hard not to see the same mania - with more couch-sitting and less creativity - in the lives of people obsessed with sports. The emotional maturity of the group is somewhat stunted, apparent in scenes where they vent their raw frustrations with the world to the camera. The film is empathetic to their "plight," however, as this troupe of solidly middle-class fantasy-chasers attempt to escape the mundanity of the everyday world. Great story, well-told, with unique characters - it's hard to go wrong with a combo like that.

Jeff G (kr) wrote: i am not the biggest fan of mumblecore i like the idea but so far the results have been very disappointing. this one at least i found one thing to praise the soundtrack the music in this film is awesome. which is maybe why justin rice of the band bishop allen is playing the lead. other then that the intresting part of this movie was the characters the type of hipsters you see more and more of these days. i don't like them or there values and take a particular pause at them calling themselves artists but hey. trust me the black & White photography doesn't make this feel more artistic either it just makes me think the director was either pretentious or neeeded to save money so he used black and white.

JaLeah W (it) wrote: the most funniest movie ever

Kevin M W (fr) wrote: A film worthy enough to have Steve Buscemi as a romantic lead! Didn't see THAT coming. Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson nail it as too nominally self-aware babes in an all but oblivious world, it shivers me timbers! See it.

AndrClaude L (de) wrote: the usual twists, but in a new setting. it's fun to watch hey.

Connor C (mx) wrote: Eastern Promises benefits from a strong Russian atmosphere and a harsh look at modern day mobsters that aren't given as much spotlight as the Italian or Irish. The thought of such violent and bloody criminals living among the common folk is an unreal almost surreal idea which is beautifully and shockingly realized in the film. Along with a string of well-performed and impactful characters, the performance to focus on is above all Viggo Mortenson as Nikolai Luzhin, the slick, viscous and yet compassionate rising Russian mobster. Mortenson transforms completely in the role with a calm cool demeanor, a lot of tattoos and a very convincing Russian accent, bringing more of a heart to the character as well as a presence which will not soon be forgotten.