In an era in which it is difficult for the true emotion and excitement, Feliks Falk found the key to the human heart. How many of us love? How much we are able to self-sacrifice? Is there a price that can not pay, when it comes to life of a loved one? Are we really as good as we think about yourself? In Joanna's life is given forever. Today's friend suddenly becomes an enemy. Reflex heart turns into a curse. When one of the lonely woman takes care of little girls-czynkę do not know that from now on, her life will be sweet - bitter taste. Fate in this film is everything. Allows people to find that in a moment blow and lead to separation. After-forgives love, for which you have to pay a huge price. Fulfills the promise of happiness loneliness, brittle as glass.

During the Occupation, a young woman whose husband disappeared during the war decides to hide a little Jewish girl. To save the child, she gets into a romance with a German. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William P (kr) wrote: Lady Chablis is the best transgender actress.

J B (it) wrote: A moving love story between two sisters.

Leonard E (it) wrote: "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public." - H.L. Mencken.

Laila K (ag) wrote: I loved this move... it's one of those films that aren't too popular, but are still really really good when you watch them... like Four Lions... A bit slow, but still really nice. Very cute.

Stephen Sparky P (us) wrote: Mike White! Directing!

Sarah P (us) wrote: This movie made it's themes (war profiteering, corporate interests in government) seem too simple and black and white. As a movie itself, the acting wasn't great and the story didn't move along very smoothly.

Carl A (au) wrote: SUPERB, A CLASSIC. Life in a nutshell

Miguel M (fr) wrote: One of the cutest movies ever made with incredible animation for its time and the greatest Disney villain since Maleficent.

Ty M (de) wrote: A great movie, but it's not funny like Matthew's other movies, and when there's no action, it's bad.

Tim M (es) wrote: Crash, Bang, Boom, Explitives sums this movie up that's what most of the movie is. Not bad for Ron Howard's first directorial film. Lots of car chases and .... yeah. Fun and enjoyable but not that memorable. The seventies shine through dating the film, but it's still worth a viewing.

Brad G (de) wrote: A trilogy of promiscuous nurses find numerous ways into trouble while fighting off Rock N Roll Rapists, charming gangbanger crooks, and Speed addicted basketball stars. All kinds of awkward 70s sex comedy mixed with horrifying violent other words, another Roger Corman (& wife Julie Corman) classic. 80 minutes of nonstop crazy, well worth a rent if not a straight up buy for fans of this sorta thing. VF.

MEC r (au) wrote: I didn't really care for this movie, but it was alright.

Ashley H (kr) wrote: Operation Pacific is your basic submarine film. There is nothing special about this one but it is well made. John Wayne and Patricia Neal give good performances. The script is decent enough. George Waggner did an okay job directing this movie. Operation Pacific is a tolerable motion picture.

Chris G (br) wrote: In some ways, Roberta is the most unusual Astaire/Rogers film, for the sole reason that they are relegated to the B storyline. The A story, the tale of an American football player who inherits a haute couture studio in Paris, features Irene Dunne and Randolph Scott, two actors who were decent at comedy, but way out of their element in a Jerome Kern musical. When they are the focus, the film really sags, But, when Astaire and Rogers show up and start with the banter, singing and dancing, Roberta is amazing. Their three numbers, Hard to Handle, I Won't Dance and Lovely to Look At are worth the price of the rental alone. FYI, the original Broadway production of Roberta launched the careers of both Fred MacMurray and some guy named Bob Hope.

Chris S (mx) wrote: If you're looking for a good, serious, modern zombie movie, this is the one you want!