Bill, a wealthy businessman, confronts his junkie daughter's drug-dealing boyfriend; in the ensuing argument, Bill kills him. Panic-stricken, he wanders the streets and eventually stops at a bar. There he runs into a drunken factory worker named Joe, who hates hippies, blacks, and anyone who is "different", and would like to kill one himself. The two start talking, and Bill reveals his secret to Joe. Complications ensue.

Bill, a wealthy businessman, confronts his junkie daughter's drug-dealing boyfriend; in the ensuing argument, Bill kills him. Panic-stricken, he wanders the streets and eventually stops at ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cameron H (fr) wrote: Peculiar. Cute. Beguiling. Innocent. This is the first Wes Anderson movie that I have seen in full, and I feel troubled. The 12-year-old female lead Kara Hayward loves stories that take a person dying for adventure into a new world full of seemingly infinite possibilities, only to discover how finite they really are. How metaphysical of Wes. He has the style, all right, and even better, he has the wit to pull off this story of prepubescent love written for the eyes of tired adults. Had there been a better explanation as to how our two main characters met, which is important to consider in the circumstances of living on such a small, isolated island and them being "emotionally disturbed," I would deem the plot to be flawless. That ultimately matters little in the adventure, for the film's strength rides more dependently on everything else -- the strangely skewed dialogue, the true-to-its-own-world performances, the colours, the landscapes. This movie is so pretty! How it must feel to see the world as if you knew everything you wanted in life, and you could get it. Bill Murray's character knows better. Bruce Willis' character knows better. Frances McDormand's character especially knows better. Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward do not need to know though, not now anyway.

Daniel S (fr) wrote: Enjoyable Australian drama, endearing in its genuine portrayal of both children and adults simultaneously. Whilst this film presents a fairly predictable story from beginning to end, that does not take away from its emotional highs and lows.

KENNY LOVES HIS BABY MAMA (jp) wrote: this movie was ok the game played good in it i didnt like the ending that was corny but the game made another classic

Jaswanth M (ag) wrote: An enchanting story of a homeless girl on the streets of Saigon who has a big heart and a yearning to be accepted for who she is.

Jana A (au) wrote: I really wanted to like this film, I did. But I was sadly disappointed. I found by the time the movie actually got going I was so overly board with the stupidly mediocre plot that it was ruined for me.

Danielle S (kr) wrote: I thought this movie was sad but really well written.

Ceara R (jp) wrote: Often compared to its predecessor, it doesn't meet the standards the Prince of Egypt set, but with the budget it was given and the story it had to work with, the movie came out decently. The song "You Know Better than I" is very well done and catchy, but the other songs in the movie are only sub par. The animation, however, is still very beautiful, and the voice actors performed well. I liked it enough to buy it in a two pack with the Prince of Egypt.

Cory T (fr) wrote: This is a very loosely structured vignette (I feel sore actually calling it that), which follows six stories through three days in rainy Cleveland. The DVD jacket made some intensely strong connections between this film and two, I repeat, two of the TOP 5 films of all time. I commend New Light Entertainment and Radio London Films for having the balls to make comparisons to "Magnolia", "American Beauty", and "Crash". My bias with easily falling in love with vignettes may be broken by this film... or maybe the logical reality that not every vignette ever made will be WELL made. The film is scored, rather strangely, with a continuous, melodic jazz arrangement. I will admit this movie has two gifted actors who were in "Magnolia", and it is correctly noted as being "in the tradition of Magnolia". What I simply cannot agree with is the critic from Film Monthly claiming it is a "natural successor to American Beauty". Seriously? ... Just because it rains in two movies doesn't make them comparable. The funny thing about these stories is they don't really line up in logical cohesiveness. I mean, yeah, they're mostly sad or challenging, which is an unofficial requirement, but in other films, there is a shady thread connecting them with a beautiful, painful sense of realism. The issue with these characters, is we JUST DON'T CARE. You cannot make an effective vignette if the audience could care less about the actions that befall the characters. The fault for this, I'm afraid, lies with both the director and the actors. All in all, "Three Days of Rain" is not a total disaster, but as far as vignettes go- it echoes a tropical storm named Katrina.

Tom B (ru) wrote: Perhaps this movie is too full of the reality of the disappointments of life, but I found it ultimately depressing. Its message seems to be persevere in the face of blow after blow. Some people will let you down or try to kill you, but if you survive you'll find some people to help you. Fair amount of fairly gratuitous nudity. Good performances, even of some unlikeable characters by Jane Alexander, Radha Mitchell, Billy Burke, Fred Ward, and Greg Kinnear. The normally reliable Morgan Freeman seems too passive in this central role. Toby Hemingway seems doomed from the start.Good set direction in having the environments tell a lot about the characters.

Kristin R (es) wrote: Fanatics again show how they will do anything in the name of religion. It disgusts me that religion can be used as an excuse to commit such disgraceful acts.

Steve S (br) wrote: let's just say I won't watch it again.