Joe D'Amato Totally Uncut - The Erotic Experience

Joe D'Amato Totally Uncut - The Erotic Experience

The story of Joe d'Amato, Italian director of sexploitation and gore, narrated by himself.

The story of Joe d'Amato, Italian director of sexploitation and gore, narrated by himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Joe D'Amato Totally Uncut - The Erotic Experience torrent reviews

Alex C (it) wrote: After a train lands in his front yard, a socially awkward man with split personalities gets the attention he didn't want---especially considering he was in drag at the time, and mistaken for his wife. It's a neat premise for a movie, strengthened by casting Cillian Murphy as the lead. But, although I would recommend this movie, the ending didn't sit with me well, which is why I'm giving it 4 stars.

JoEy M (jp) wrote: Yeah...but why does she take them on a journey in the first place! Not enough fu***ng information Flixster!

Blair S (jp) wrote: Basically just another version of HSM

Bailey G (us) wrote: ( A film that sadly disappoints everyone)Good Luck Chuck tells the story of Charlie Logan who gets all of the women because a girl cursed him when he was a young child. In order to get the girl of his dreams he must break the curse. This film is sort of ridiculous. I expected much more out of this film than what I actually saw, as a film goer I'm glade I didn't buy this movie. It's sort of a joke how this story develops and comes together. The ending is the most disappointing though. I saw this one in the hospital when I was getting my EEG done. Boy, did I pick a bad movie. The acting is cheesy, the jokes are just raw, the humor is not only wrong, but disgusting in the sense that pure immature jokes should only go so far then it should be stopped. Sorry to say it, but it turns out that Dane Cook has bad luck after all.

George B (mx) wrote: This movie is one of the reasons why I love film.

Jason C (ca) wrote: What a great cast. The story is plucked from real life headlines and these cast members made thse lives and those headlines come to life. From Whoopi Goldberg to Alec Baldwin, from William H Macy to James Woods there is no bad acting in this film. Liberating and inspirational story. Also, the make up job on James Woods is simple incredible.

Jim H (de) wrote: A provincial lord goes to Versailles to entreat Louis XVI to finance an engineering project that will save his villagers.This film's concept is engaging and interesting, in the ilk of Dangerous Liaisons: I like the idea that one's wit an ability to manipulate social standing have economic and political weight. Such a concept demonstrates the power of rhetoric as a creation of reality. However, the execution of the film leaves much to be desired. When the film presents itself as an exhibition of fine wits, it is reasonable to expect witty remarks, but all the repartee, witticisms, barbs, come-backs, and clever insults (no puns, of course) are rather lame. There's more wit in a bad House episode than in this whole film. What is more, the love triangle doesn't work for me because the final result is a predictable fait d'accompli. Finally, the conclusion of the film essentially makes the action that preceded it meaningless.Overall, while I like the film's central thesis, I can't find much to like in the action or plot

Walt M (au) wrote: This movie BLOWS, but like a bad car wreck you can't take your eyes off of it. You can see the mic boom a few times, so that does add a little entertainment.

Charles P (it) wrote: As a politically charged historical epic, it's intelligent, melodramatic, and bold. As a directorial effort from Warren Beatty, it's a crowning achievement.

Ms Southern L (fr) wrote: Very different, but was funny. I like this movie. I will not buy it, but its something to watch one tv.

Norma B (de) wrote: I really enjoyed watching this pair and their antics, under which was the story of true friendship between cynical gambling addicts.

Kevin M W (es) wrote: Altho ostensibly about the Duke chasing greedy, unscrupulous kidnappers (with Richard Boone the leering leader of despicable baddies), this tale mainly involves an errant father's careful rebonding with his distrustful offspring ... and the Duke's folksy charm does just that, after a few butt-kicking fistfights and a coupla shootouts, naturally.

Colin W (fr) wrote: One of my favorite stop-motion animation movies, the animation is purposefully done in a cartoonish way which adds to the charm of the film.

Robert J (nl) wrote: I have watched this movie and Forbidden planet. Both are quite good. They are intelligent story telling and well done. The special effects are quite good for the 1950's. I have seen movies nowadays where the special effects are good but the storylines are crap.

Daniel C (gb) wrote: A new world that Christopher Nolan has made that was so great it was very difficult to return back to our world

Jeff H (ag) wrote: This being based on a true story is what makes it good. Kind of like War Dogs were some younger guys get in over their head. The voice over is always part of the recipe for these movies.

Tim M (kr) wrote: What a piece of crap.

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