Jogo de Xadrez

Jogo de Xadrez

Each move could be the last one.

Each move could be the last one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dinesh P (mx) wrote: A typical routine Hindi movie.. could have been better.. The director has used comedy which we have seen hundred times around, nothing new. Climax is very contrived. Use of local lingo of north could have helped a bit but alas !!!

Madeleine D (fr) wrote: Utterly terrible. This film lacks so much depth and substance. The story line is nonsense and the characters are so basic and plain. The end credits were probably the highlight to this film. Not funny, not entertaining and 100 minutes of my life I wish I could retrieve.

Matt B (de) wrote: Absolutely ATROCIOUS. God-awful. A Nightmare. This is a "found footage" movie but even when the camera is supposed to be still while interviewing characters it STILL zooms in and moves and shakes and shakes and shakes and it's SO NAUSEATING!!!!!! The Devil Inside also has one of the most painfully forced, unintentionally hilarious endings of all time.

Chris D (au) wrote: For a direct-to-video Disney film, Tinkerbell, the first in the Disney Fairies franchise, shows lots of effort in giving an wonderful experience for families and Disney fans thanks to its beautifully lush animations, a strong message of acceptance, and a stand-out voice work by Mae Whitman.

Bloodmarsh K (au) wrote: It's not ground breaking, but it has just enough laughs and charm to recommend.

Colin S (fr) wrote: Stylistically great, but the Netflix TV series is definitely the superior entity to this, and direct comparisons between them make it easy to understand why. While the movie's principal actors put in individually good performances, the text ties things together in a haphazard fashion that serves to alienate rather than sympathise with the characters. Murdock seems well off despite not being able to win cases against a corrupt system, and his plight doesn't seem as desperate as it could be. Garner is wasted in the role as she's dispensed with before she can be effective. Farrell plays Bullseye's insanity well but it seems out of balance with the rest of the text. All in all, fairly messy.

Steve W (jp) wrote: Blow is an excellent absorbing crime drama with a good cast. Depp is good, but his smaller bit players like the actress who plays his Mom or Diego or Paul Reubens are very memorable too. The movie paints the crime smuggler in a sympathetic light, which may ring false to some but ultimately its a well acted drama with a talented cast. Cliff Curtis and Emma Roberts were good too.

farahna b (it) wrote: totally love this movie :DD

Ryan A (ca) wrote: This one tried to hard to make it happen. Simply having Leslie Nielsen in a movie will not make it good.

Brad S (jp) wrote: - Just watched this for the 2nd time in the last couple years, but on Blu-ray this time. I first saw it in theatres as a kid and it stuck with me. It is a crime-thriller, but with a ton of humour. All3 leads are outstanding, Fred Ward in particular is hilarious. Alec Baldwin also does a great job in his role as the criminal, he exudes menace, but also charm and humour. I can't think of too many films that would fall into this category, but a few that are closest are all Elmore Leonard, "Jackie Brown", "Out of Sight" and "Get Shorty". If you like any of those films, check this out!- I first saw this in theatres and have seen a few times, but hadn't watched in ages. I really like this one. Fred Ward is just perfect as the Homicide Detective and skinny Alec Baldwin has a lot of fun with his role. Check it out!

Reece L (de) wrote: Female Trouble is a depraved disaster, a monstrosity that looks like it was made for $5.00 and is all the better for it. Operating as a exercise in low-brow extremity and a satirical look at society's obsession with fame, Trouble delivers what its title promises in spades, letting Devine loose to carry out a series of ridiculous stunts that only she could pull off. Rightfully repulsed by the ordinary and laudatory of the insane and the oppressed, it features such pearls of wisdom as "The world of the heterosexual is a sick and boring life", something viewers should take away from the experience even if the proceedings confer nothing else on them. It's a ridiculous film, but it commits to its controlled lunacy, a massive middle-finger to the status quo and a warm embrace for those who live lives that don't align with it, its anti-establishment fervor infectious in such a way that makes Female Trouble a joy to watch.

Lanfranco C (fr) wrote: A movie watched 45 years ago in a cinema that doesn't exist anymore..

William R (jp) wrote: Quite satisfying from a slow start

Gabriel B (it) wrote: if only I could give negative stars,

Steve F (fr) wrote: One of the worst films of 2013.....

Jon T (br) wrote: Fun and exciting action film. It's got some cool sequences and stunts and doesn't get bogged down in an awful story.

Marilee A (us) wrote: Lord of the Rings meets Showtimes Spartacus Series.Visually stunning but a bit improbable,even for a Swedish Girl like me