Johan Falk: Alla råns moder

Johan Falk: Alla råns moder

Some men infiltrate the retired chief engineer Arthur Jönsson's home. They look through the residence for a few drawings. Some time later the same men, who turn out to be former Swedish ...

GSI second in command, Sophie Nordh, flips gangster leader Seth Rydell and convinces him to infiltrate a rogue military group. For the first time GSI Chief Patrick Agrell realizes that he is using a ruthless psychopath as an infiltrator. Can Seth be trusted or does he have his own agenda? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Venetia D (mx) wrote: Not so great acting and writing. So-so effects. Just ok.

Barbara C (es) wrote: Decent acting by a good cast, despite being borrowed from across the Stargate franchise, with somewhat believable British accents. The script takes an otherwise ho-hum swords and sorcery story to the level of mildly interesting by inserting it into the very flexible Robin Hood mythos. Overall, this film is better than many, but not as good as many more. However, it is on par, if not slightly better, than much of what Syfy/Scifi has churned out in recent years.

Sara G (it) wrote: Very B grade - an interesting weather destruction movie, lots of subtext.

Baurushan J (de) wrote: The story is about Connie played by Diane Lane who gets caught up in a windstorm and is unable to get home at the same time, she bumps into Paul played by who-the-fuck-cares? and receives a graze. Paul invites her home safely from the storm and turns flirtatious on her and she falls for him without even knowing that she is running late to get back home to her son Charlie played by Erik Per Sullivan and her husband Edward played by Richard Gere. As Connie and Paul's relationship grow bolder, Edward grows more suspicious and he eventually tells a private investigator to follow Connie. His worst fears come true and his decision come to haunt him. While the film has some dark turns which is a good thing, the plot is so weak and predictable and I can see why not many people liked it that much including me. Unfaithful gets a weak 6/10.

EvaLena I (jp) wrote: A family with a lot of diffrent animals have their mountain lion running away. At the same time a wild mountain lion is on the loose. The family is doing everything they can to find the right mountain lion in time.

Patrick W (gb) wrote: Joel Schumacher takes over the franchise and runs it straight into the ground. Schumacher made Gotham City's skyline almost something like Blade Runner meets huge Greek statues. Script was very awkward and Nicole Kidman seemed a bit out of place other than Bruce Wayne's "token girlfriend" the entire film. Only shining light in this film is arguably the most perfect casting of the entire franchise as Jim Carrey played The Riddler. With the camp that this film has, Carrey is right at home and steals his scenes but it's not enough to save this film.

Elanna S (de) wrote: At first there was film, then there was Hard Ticket to Hawaii. The bar has been raised for all films made from this day forth, with this as the benchmark for what makes a true masterpiece. From the very beginning, every piece of this elaborate film simply works, in a manner not unlike taking a dump after eating a bran muffin.The acting and scriptwriting were simply the best I have ever seen in any film to date. There are many writers whom I personally think would do well to take notes. This film serves as a good indicator to me that Oscar nominations mean nothing, when such fantastic writing and acting are very obviously present in this masterpiece and yet completely ignored. The moment was captured time and time again with such lines as "Let's go to the jacuzzi", and "One man's dream is another man's lunch". And of course, arguably the best of them all, "Just when you thought it was safe to take a pee!". On a related note, this film has truly opened my eyes to the dangers of rat-cancer contaminated boa constrictors, and is all the reason I need to decide that I will never have such an animal as a pet.What also deserves a mention is the soundtrack. Its Casio spoken subtleties simply sent chills down my spine, and unfortunately paralyzed me from the waist down. I'll probably never be able to walk again, but I can say with full conviction that it was worth it to be able to hear music that must surely have been crafted by angels.While I could go on for days about how truly amazing this work of art is, the only way you could truly understand what I mean is to go and see it for yourself. If you choose to do this, be sure to have clean underwear and a weeks worth of food handy, the shock of seeing something so amazing may cause you to spontaneously soil yourself and lose yourself in a week long state of euphoric bliss. Whether or not this happens, I think it's safe to say that this film will change your life forever.5/5 stars!

Bill P (ca) wrote: A good character driven movie - like only the French can make!

simplicity s (au) wrote: nyee.. snake and crane arts of shaolin.

Michael B (mx) wrote: Allegedly one of the best sports film ever, but it turns out to be a false allegation. Still don't know if it was a comedy or a drama.

Rob B (es) wrote: Hard to go wrong with one of the greatest comic stories ever written, but cheap animation really lets it down.

Brandon S (nl) wrote: All of the brilliance in this film comes from Levinson's passion and the fascinating premise. What sinks all of that is the poor pacing and Samuel L. Jackson's horribly hammy performance that doesn't really strike any kind of intrigue or mystery.

Carlos I (us) wrote: Still such a fantastic action flick. Ridiculous, but great. Just like good ol fashioned 80s testosterone driven vehicles. It's too bad they had to reboot the series with such doodoo...