Johan Falk: Vapenbröder

Johan Falk: Vapenbröder

A group of criminals would like to sell some weapons for an undercover policeman. Johan Falk's team is watching the operation meanwhile Frank Wagner is also in the game. Rydell, the gang ...

John Falk is on a routine mission with the Gothenburg police special unit GSI. With the help of a Norwegian undercover police and a civilian infiltrator in one of Gothenburg's heaviest criminal gangs, the GSI are trying buy six assault rifles and thus get them off the street. But suddenly everything changes when a new unknown player suddenly and immediately wants to buy not only those weapons but even more, including armor-piercing shells.GSI realizes that this can not be any ordinary robbers. Someone will start a war on the streets of Gothenburg. At the same time as the situation gets more and more complicated for John Falk's infiltrator Frank Wagner when the leader of the gang he infiltrated realize that one of his own leaking to the police . . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Surajit Kumar M (fr) wrote: Performances are good but after a super fast start, the movie gets slower in was a real story, if there were some real pics/news (like Black Friday) then it wud have added some more flavor...wud have been great if there were no item songs at all...those were irritating...John seems to be inspired by Sanju baba from Vaastav...Manya Surve got "Mumbai Shri" for body building which suits John to show off..Overall Okay type.

Kieren d (mx) wrote: Not good disappointing

Gautham R (nl) wrote: I loved this movie. Such an endearing and hilarious homage/parody of blaxpoitation film. It's one of the best parody movies I've ever seen in my entire life, and I was cracking up the whole way through. Great mix of stupid stupid frat humor and really clever and accurate references to the bad editing, confusing scene transitions and hilariously bad audio cues, and a whole buncha stuff I'm sure I missed. I definitely need to give it a rewatch, but I recommend this to anybody.

Yasser H (fr) wrote: more than wooooooooooooonderful

Avinash V (kr) wrote: I have been reading some critic reviews but the length some of these paparazzi's go to only motivates someone to make movies like these..

Mikael S (ca) wrote: This cast is irresistible & it gets better each viewing.

Vineeth P (ca) wrote: amazing acting my cage..well directed by reminds you a little of taxi driver..must watch..brilliant movie..

Ian M (fr) wrote: This movie is sooo bad it's fabulous! Some serious comedy moments in this movie! It really does take the piss. I Love Lucifer and Driving Over Miss Daisy?! Good stuff. Not great, but good.

Al P (nl) wrote: ?????? Ka pOw!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark H (it) wrote: A very good debut film by Claude Chabrol, with a compelling story about friendship and strong performances by the two lead actors.

Richard F (kr) wrote: I mean it's alright but I dont know much else

Stephen L (br) wrote: strange that two similar movies was released in the same year. its the cinema photography that holds the atmosphere and some spooky moments. not bad flick a traditional British horror movie revival I think.

Semmi A (nl) wrote: Epic fail! Me and my sister were going to watch The Possession and when we got there I realized I left my wallet at home.

Ana Karen G (ag) wrote: I think this story would have been better if was all based on the passed. We didn't need Gwyneth Paltrow or Aaron Eckhart. This idea of finding out people's pasts was boring. I didn't like it. The present should just be erased from this movie.