Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler

Biography of the astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ted W (br) wrote: This is a funny movie not the best movie in general but a good comedy. An adult trying to act like a baby is a great idea for a movie but but it in a bad way. Good movie. Funny! Hahahahaha.

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Chris R (jp) wrote: I'm writing this as I watch it; I'll give it a rating once its overSPOILER ALERT throughout2 minutes in - the CGI is crap. Did the work experience kid or something do the special effects?So the opening is fairly slow, some sort of party I'm guessing. I think its new years. 9 mins in - is that Fergie? Her career has not gone well.I have to be honest I'm not even convinced by the interior scenes, its very obvious that the movie was not filmed onboard a ship but more than likely a fairly cheap hotel which would be better set hosting a high school prom. 16mins in - BIG WAVE! So now the boat is upside down, a wannabe hero has just stated, "I use to be a fireman, don't worry". This is probably the sort of person I would actively avoid in this situation as he has managed to now kill 4 people that were alive up until this point. The captain is now taking charge - Hurray! ... ah.... Hang on. He has opened with "We are not sure what has happened". Well I would probably make an educated guess based on the fact everyone is now walking on the ceilings that the boat is upside down. 23 mins - You know that slightly annoying kid that makes movies frustrating to watch because they bring nothing to the game other then a thin film of incompetence - yeah that kid has arrived everyone. Oh great the kid is now taking part in the extremely treacherous and audacious rescue mission. I am sure he will provide invaluable input -_-A father has located his lost daughter and its very sweet. They cuddle among the bodies of their fellow passengers. We are introduced to a helpful Texan.Not a lot is happening now, so we learn a bit more about the individual characters and you start seeing little relationships forming. From what I can gather the key characters are Kurt Russel, the little kid and his mum, this man who looks a little bit like the KFC Colonel, then the wannabe fireman and his recently found daughter. 39 mins - The Texan is now drunk and for some reason he's abusing the hero. I predict that he's gonna die. 40 mins - HA!! I was right. He dead. Whatever happened to Fergie? Not sure if they killed her off already. 46 mins - so the captains decision to keep everyone in the prom room has not worked out very well. Something exploded, then lots of water flooded in - I presume it was from the sea. Anyway, long story short, everyone is dead. I think that means the only survivors now are the 6 or so people we are following. This makes things a little easier. 49 mins - *main character is crawling through ventilation ducts as per ALL action movies. Im surpised he isn't wearing a white vest top at this stage.* He yells back to his fellow survivors "I SEE A VERTICAL SHAFT AHEAD" . It made me giggle hahaha. Jesus I give up. Don't bother watching it.

Caleb J (gb) wrote: The movie that forced Nathan Rabin to coin the phrase "Manic Pixie Dream Girl." Garden State made me sense that something was wrong, and this movie basically hit me over the head with it. The writers didn't put ANYTHING into Kirsten Dunst's characters other than her ability to make this suicidal guy feel better about himself. Their were also like 50 montages that I guess were supposed to feel all touchy-feely, but they just made me say, "Oh, come on! Seriously?"

Stuart K (kr) wrote: When Studio Ghibli did Whisper of the Heart (1995), based on Aoi Hiiragi's manga, there were fantasy sequences involving a cat called The Baron, which Hiiragi made into a spin-off manga, which Studio Ghibli picked up to make into a film, which started out life as a theme park ride in Japan, which was abandoned, but they worked on it, and made an enchanting and magical fantasy. This tells the story of teenage school student Haru (Anne Hathaway), who somehow has the ability to communicate with cats, and when she saves one cat from being hit by a truck, Haru ends up on adventure she can't believe. The cat she saved was Prince Lune, Prince of the Cat Kingdom (Andrew Bevis) and his father the Cat King (Tim Curry) expects Haru to marry Lune. Which she's reluctant to do, but she finds help from The Baron (Cary Elwes), who is charismatic and offers to find a way to help. But, Haru soon finds herself turning into a cat, and the Cat King won't take no for an answer from Haru. It's absolutely insane, but it has some wonderful visual details on display, and it's not a very long film either, plus it does owe a big debt of gratitude to Labyrinth (1986) in more than one scene. It might have a reputation as one of Studio Ghibli's lesser works, but it's not, it's an enchanting and amusing adventure, and it's well worth a look.

Shaun B (jp) wrote: Stephen King wrote and directed this movie b/c according to him: "If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself." He was also coked out of his mind while shooting this movie. It's perhaps one of the most banal and excruciatingly bad movies that one wonders aloud how this could have survived being shelved. Most of the 1.5 stars I've given are for the AC/DC soundtrack and that it's a good movie to put on for background purposes.

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Blake P (kr) wrote: Even viewed 30 years later, "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" is an experiment that is so unique and entertaining that you almost forget how much work was put into it. The film is famous not necessarily because it has the dream team of comedy legends, director Carl Reiner and actor Steve Martin, but because it pays homage to film noir in a very interesting way; it isn't just simply filmed in black-and-white, but it intercuts clips of famous movie legends from '40s films and places them so it seems like they're acting on the screen right with Martin. Considering this is a comedy, you might expect the results to be too try-hard or off-putting. But it's quite the opposite. Martin portrays Rigby Reardon, a private detective that clearly pays homage to Sam Spade or Phillip Marlowe (who actually makes an appearance as Humphrey Bogart several times). The film revolves around Reardon's solving of a case given to him by sexy client Juliet Forrest (Rachel Ward), a woman who believes that her father was murdered. But it isn't an ordinary investigation. The film knows exactly how tomake a film noir parody, right down to the hard-boiled voiceover. It doesn't contain the same wackiness seen in "Airplane," but its overall sense of confidence and constant winking suggestion of "look what '40s movie we could fit in here!" makes it difficult not to seriously enjoy "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid." It's a lot of fun, but it'll be even MORE fun if you have somewhat of a background when it comes into the smoky and completely serious shadow world of film noir. Even the tiniest appearance of a Hollywood Golden Age superstar results in utter delight, whether or not it's Alan Ladd partaking in a coolly tough conversation or Barbara Stanwyck having a mini-freakout worthy of an Oscar. Their appearances are instantaneously worthy of laughs and awe, as they are inserted at moments that create huge comic appeal. The dialogue matches the scene in a way that makes it even funnier, considering we all know that the movie in which they're actually starring is dead serious. Martin once again proves to be genius in his performance. He keeps his trademark goofy charisma as well as his totally straight-faced delivery, but this time around he circles his performance not around physical comedy but deadpan timing. For first timers, this film doesn't show the archetypal gags he can pull off so easily, but for die-hard fans, this is him at his finest. "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" is a completely successful noir homage that can easily be viewed more than once. It's a lot less in your face than most Martin vehicles, but it's so clever and amusing that you can't help but appreciate it as you laugh.