John A.: Birth of a Country

John A.: Birth of a Country

A riveting political thriller starring Shawn Doyle (John A. Macdonald), Peter Outerbridge (George Brown) and David LaHaye (George-Etienne Cartier) and set during the struggles that take Canada from colony to country.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:drunkenness,   1800s,   1860s,  

The political manoeuvrings in the ten or so years in the legislature of the Province of Canada, comprised of the former Upper Canada and Lower Canada, leading up to the confederation of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sabrina G (ag) wrote: My favorite movie EVERRRR!!!

Inta K (it) wrote: what a nightmare!one more stupid zombie movie... yuk

Scott R (kr) wrote: Informative, and by looking through the children's eyes the issues seem so simple; yet peace still evades the adults who have the power to make change. I was happy that it showed how there are different levels of hatred for each culture and these divides within themselves often are what undermine a united voice for change. It spent a long time getting to the important points, and could have been edited for better effect. There was a touching point when the children were all crying together about the tragedies they had experienced. This was the most memorable moment of the film because it puts into perspective that the children are the real people who suffer, and will suffer if we cannot right the wrongs our forefathers have made.

Tone M (us) wrote: Fantasy mud lover & great friendship. Too bad about the mum...

Tony C (de) wrote: My personal favorite Korean movie. The effects of this movie ligered for days. Great story telling that starts off with total confusion but becomes clearer as movie goes on.

Francisco S (ca) wrote: As Good as it Gets its a predictable movie, but the beauty in this predictability is that is an original and refreshing predictability, that with the Jack Nicholson's great performances turned into an irresistable romance.

Shaun M (us) wrote: A great cast plays up a sharp and satiric script that couldn't possibly happen in real life, could it? With the Internet-age in full swing this kind of political spin wouldn't be able to work but definitely could if it were a bit subtler. Makes you think...and be afraid!

Cai C (de) wrote: The only problem with this movie is that there isn't a single scene that you may remember. But at the same time, you will like it more than you ever thought you could've. Oh, and that Art Carney guy does a great job acting in a real performance.

Indi V (us) wrote: John Le Carre is.. an acquired taste. His style is very slow, and this can be a bit irritating at times. However, this film manages to avoid being too slow... for the most part.The first half of the film drags on and it feels it, but by the time our spy played by Richard Burton is on a plane to Amsterdam (about 40 minutes into the movie), things pick up and the intrigue never lets up.Richard Burton is marvelous. Every tic, every mannerism feels so calculated and just right, perfect for a movie about a calculated and precise plot about bringing down an East German agent. You can feel the toll the job takes on him.Oskar Werner is also a standout. He gets the film's second juiciest part and he plays it to perfection with just the right hint of trying to get ahead, just the right hint of looking forward to taking over for his boss.The direction is solid in the second half, but that slow first half really does bring the film down. Then again, perhaps a slow and dull first half is necessary to show how the life of a spy is like. It still comes close to killing all interest in the film, though.The music is also very noteworthy and adds to the mood wonderfully. Definitely one of the better Le Carre adaptations.

HungYa L (nl) wrote: Maybe it is just me but I really loathe this movie. Just don quite understand what it is all about.

Linda B (nl) wrote: Didn't know what to expect from this at first. Good film, the children actors outshine the adults - most of the time. A very profound and sensitive performance by Billy Connolly