John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones

The bio-epic about the infamous John Paul Jones.

The career of Revolutionary War naval hero from his youth in Scotland through his service to Catherine the Great of Russia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gwen H (es) wrote: Had no idea that malaria still claims so many lives. Shameful that this isn't in the headlines. Good story - slow - but absorbing.

Chris S (ag) wrote: A slightly less refined version of Red Rock West, but nonetheless a good noir thriller with compelling and sexy characters, but a little too much deus ex machina for my taste.

Maal G (fr) wrote: This movie was a great! It has a very unique script and it pulls the audience in and doesn't let go.

Colin S (jp) wrote: Highly brutal but very engaging. Has a lot going for it even without the inevitable comparison to the 1995 version - sticks closer to the feel of the original comics, our title character doesn't take off his helmet (which gives a better ideal of him being an almost inhumanly unflagging and unrelenting pillar of justice), and there's a sense of desperation in the Mega City One inhabitants that gives a fantastic dystopian edge to the tale which sets it well apart from Stallone's almost day-glo effort. Best of all, this version seems to be almost an origin story for Judge Anderson - a very welcome addition of the beloved character, who very gratefully isn't relegated to being the love interest or even unnecessarily oversexualised, and is also only briefly turned into a McGuffin in need of rescuing. Only sticking point really is the almost shocking levels of gore and a leaning toward glorification of violence, and at times this also gives a streak of black humour which is only funny perhaps half of the time. The three principals are excellent in their roles - Urban once again showing his versatility in a role where he had to bring an Eastwood-high level of grim persistence and some nuance of humanity, Thirlby's Anderson isn't the seasoned veteran but her rookie vulnerability lets the audience into the world, and Headey once again expertly portrays the evilly charismatic villain.

MARIJA D (us) wrote: Dark and grim affair. "How much can you ignore to keep your family together? Exactly what can you forgive? If you pretend something didn't happen for the greater good, does it matter that it happened in the first place?"

Jacob P (it) wrote: A great sequel. It had nothing to do with the last one though, that's the only problem..This is a completely different story. The acting was good, especially from one of my favorite horror movie actors, Tobin Bell. It had very scary\creepy moments, which is good...the blood\gore was insane as well. The "boogeyman" looked much much better\more realistic instead of the one in the first installement...although this one looks like a member from Slipknot. The make up was somewhat ok, but that doesn't stop this film from being an outstanding sequel.

Jeremy M (ru) wrote: "studio too cheap to afford Brendan Fraser" for that reason alone this film works

Aaron M (es) wrote: A step up from previous installments, but its starting to really rely on the "its recent, so parody" formula. It makes you laugh non-stop with its incredible stupid-ness.

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Lisa S (ag) wrote: it didnt take muchu money to make this but there are some awesome actors in this. the music is so great.

Carlos R (us) wrote: It seemed like an average movie until the last 30 minutes when a heartbreaking performance by the great Meryl Streep really elevated the quality level of this film. William Hurt and Renee Zellwegger are very good too. Some wonderful quotes very deep were the best part of the script which is very simple. But definitively the performances by the three main actors are the reason of the greatness of this sad and moving motion picture.

Tara H (mx) wrote: This is a comic masterpiece of course, and audacious for its time. Ernst Lubitsch directs superbly. Jack Benny and Carole Lombard both shine as an acting couple drawn into the Polish resistance. It was to be Lombard's final role and she was never more confident - makes you wonder what might have been if she hadn't died so young.

Dustin G (au) wrote: Relentless and gritty. This is a film that works because of how focused its vision is. It's cynical and knows it and doesn't apologize for it. Its well made. It's also hammy at times, some of the performances are distractingly over the top and the voice over work is atrocious, as a lot low budget Italian cinema is in that area, but it's an effective, fast paced thriller with a great ending.

Jay D (ru) wrote: Like a long episode, but enjoyable

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