John, the Soldier of Vengeance

John, the Soldier of Vengeance

The murder of an 8-year-old boy by a young soldier in Tijuana, Mexico, leads to riots on the streets. Based on a true story.

The murder of an 8-year-old boy by a young soldier in Tijuana, Mexico, leads to riots on the streets. Based on a true story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris C (fr) wrote: Filled with dark humor and plenty of suspense, Child's Play features an inventive story with praises going to Brad Dourif, Catherine Hicks and Alex Vincent.

Moya W (br) wrote: Nobody Walks is a beautiful and poetic movie about life and noise. But the problem with it is that you won't remember it by the end of it. A movie like this needs to be remembered afterwards for it to live forwards. But this one didn't. I tend to like movies that make you think. Movies that have vague and thought-provoking titles and astonishing photography, but this movie was too slow for me. Not much happened and you kept waiting to be dragged into the storyline but you never really were. A lot of the actors also looked the same which made it all confusing, trying to piece the people together and figuring out which relationship all the characters had with each other. This movie didn't really tell you much, it lets you figure it out yourself. Sometimes that can be an advantage, but I found it being more of a disadvantage in this one. This might be one of those movies that you have to see more than once to fully understand it, but also to be able to appreciate it for what it is. But right now, I found it to be a disappointment, I didn't really feel anything for the characters and I pretty much ended up feeling empty.

Jason K (us) wrote: the story of a girl who sleeps around and "cant image whats wrong with that", is a a filmmaker, and looks like Audrey Hepburn. pretty much, all my bad errors in judgement of the people i fall for wrapped into one movie.

Sean F (mx) wrote: Kid goes from stereotypical goy introvert to John Wick out of nowhere. You can't just drop that in without setup...unless I missed the scene where his dad wakes him up at 4 am to practice assaulting the homeless.

Ville H (jp) wrote: vahan tylsemman puoleista

Pedro C (br) wrote: No need for 1h57min to tell this story, seriously. It has its highlights, but the many surpluses tend to make us feel lost.

Jason H (kr) wrote: WOW.....was that even real? I was living in house with 2 surfers when we all saw this & they were full on embarrassed...

Navjeet S (it) wrote: good movie sad the media is givin bad publicity duecoz thy were not invited at the weddin wat a cheap way 2 get at the bachans...

Holly F (es) wrote: I love this movie, its a favorite for me. At first it was mildly confusing as to what was going on but as the movie progressed it became clearer. Sword in the Moon has amazing swordmanship, samurai action, story and armor/clothing. To make a long story short... Yin, Chi and a lot of men were once 'brothers' or comrades and served under one master happily. But there was a war brewing, a crooked governor and assassins trying to murder the master these brothers protect. So the army was divided, half would stay including Chi and the other half lead by Yin would head north. Having lost, Yin and his comrades were forced to switch sides and serve this evil governor or be beheaded. Yin, one night escaped to the south to warn his brother Chi to leave because war was headed his way and he is forced to kill their old master. In bitter battle Yin kills his brother Chi and once comrades... The daughter of the master, Shi had hid during the war, when it was over she found Chi still breathing and nursed him back to health. They both became assassins and tried their best to kill the evil governor to avenge their master and comrades. Shi was captured by Yin and tortured until Chi came to her rescue and he in turn nursed her back to health. In the end... the last battle took place on a bridge, Chi under disguise as one of the carriage carriers that held the govenor aloft; took his chance and almost succeeded. Chi was distracted by the Shi's dying scream and the govenor stabbed Chi, everything changed then. Chi fought his way to her and held her as she died in his arms. Pissed, he fought his way back to the governor but was interupted by Yin who at last came to Chi's side and said that he would die for him. Side by side at last as brothers with their memories flashing before them, of when they had held their breathe under water with their comrades... They both fought through an overwhelming number of armies but the movie ends and they never reach the evil govenor. This would have made a great love story, a gem imbedded in this war-torn film. All I know is that the Shi seems to love Chi and he cares for her in return but this love didn't blossom, stunted by their vegeance, revenge, the indent to end the evil governor's reign. Ultimately failing. It's bittersweet. It's sad that brothers and friends were torn apart and a love didn't have the chance to bloom into something more wonderful.

Robert D (de) wrote: this movie is just down right hilarious. one of my favorites for sure

Eduardo B (jp) wrote: More on the funny rather than the scary side.

Noah R (jp) wrote: As strange and beautiful as the woman herself. As a VU fan I enjoyed the Warhol section the best, and the bits that dealt with her son were heartbreaking. We won't be seeing he likes of her again anytime soon. And John Cale's rendition of Frozen Warnings at the end was glorious.

Linda M (ag) wrote: Gary Cooper is at his best - in looks and talent.Also, this movie made me cry because it was the first time (if not the only time), my favorite movie star dies in a movie.

Brandon S (mx) wrote: A masterful thriller that throws John McClane into an exciting story that doesn't require him to shoot his way out of every situation. Don't fret! He does plenty of that as well, but he is forced to use his brain along with his brawn, and I still believe Willis' work as McClane; an average, ordinary cop that is thrown into a situation he can't handle on his own.