Johnny Appleweed

Johnny Appleweed

Inspired by the ghost of Johnny Appleseed, a young man undertakes a mission to populate the countryside with seeds... marijuana seeds that is.

Inspired by the ghost of Johnny Appleseed, a young man undertakes a mission to populate the countryside with seeds... marijuana seeds that is. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark B (it) wrote: So great. More than a rock documentary, this is an authentic story about brotherhood. I want to watch it again right now.

Jesse M (fr) wrote: Passable Romero, but definitely his weakest.

Laurence C (fr) wrote: Lively and smart, Le Secret de ma Mre is a real treat for the ones that enjoy nearly two hours of fucked-up family trees and hidden betrayals among siblings. The characters are colorful, the performances are flashy and the laughs certainly are there, but in the end, it lacks the poignancy such a tragicomic story always benefits of by the end. Cast is strong, and some narrative elements are also flashes of brilliancy. Definitely worth a rental.

Steven I (nl) wrote: As far as dance movies go, this one is decent, good moves but typical plot! Dilemma hits the crew, crew splits up, crew gets back together for the final battle and wins!! But despite that, it was enjoyable

Michael K (gb) wrote: A complete waste of money and time. Pretentious, disjointed nonsense about death, the afterlife, dogs and a less than ideal childhood due to a mother who was probably mentally ill. I hope Ms. Anderson worked out some of her issues. I know on my deathbed, I'll be wishing I had this hour and fifteen minutes back.

Noel K (gb) wrote: The ensemble cast was GREAT, making this musical a treat to watch (loved Bob Fosse's staging).

Kris K (au) wrote: In revisiting this, Dreyer's skill still doesn't cease to amaze me in this film, his last work. The characters hardly look at one another while they speak; they are as distanced from each other as the viewer is from them, to whom many of the characters actually appeal directly, staring lengthily into the camera while speaking monologues of sorts. Dreyer's long takes and his masterful attention to detail, movement, and shifting perspectives is really crafty here -- in many ways he seems to be using cinematic techniques to stress cinematic form and precision while, at the same time, questioning these same things at the narrative level. Neither is a frame wasted nor could anything more or less have been added or taken away in Gertrud. Dreyer really did leave us with what might just be his master work.

David W (gb) wrote: An impressive musical with a beloved Shakespeare Classic in the mix.

AJ C (ca) wrote: Star ratings dont work

Anatoly S (nl) wrote: Nic Cage and Sam Rockwell are con artists. Rockwell is funny, Cage is crazy. Great acting, the story is... well, it's a con men movie. Also features Alison Lohman, who looks like a kid despite being in her 20s. CHECK IT OUT.

Michael F (gb) wrote: this movie could have been great. The story wasn't bad, the kills were pretty cool, but the acting was terrible even by 80's horror standards. if they had a better director this film might have been a classic, instead of an obscure piece of horror trivia.