Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood

Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood

After watching a True Hollywood Stories-type documentary in which he is considered a forgotten star, Johnny Bravo travels to Mumbai, the entertainment capital of India, to prove himself he is still popular, confusing Bollywood, India, with Hollywood and Indiana respectively.

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Stephen B (br) wrote: Tellement mal racont (C) mis en scene film (C) jou (C)... bref nul.

bill s (fr) wrote: Way to make a Female lead swashbuckling movie....not very good way but a way.

Greg W (nl) wrote: gr8 film debut 4 writer/director Manchevski this reminded me of 'pulp fiction' which was also released in 1994

Carey L (ca) wrote: Big cult movie, lots of british comedians in this film, along with Lemmie from Motorhead!

Clay B (nl) wrote: TRAIL OF THE PINK PANTHER (1982)

Steve G (de) wrote: Just an incredibly solid studio production like they used to make. Nothing necessarily groundbreaking. But a consistently clever & laugh-inducing comedy. Seemingly effortless. There's a very Warner Bros.-cartoon quality about it. There is also a Ferris Bueller aspect about it. I wonder if this was an influence. Hope is hilarious, but plays a kind of unrequited horndog Pepe Le Pew character, which kind of irks. Otherwise, this is a fab film! Truly, one of the great comedies. I get the sense that writers were more talented in an age when we didn't get black swan. I love how lacking in political correctness it is. However, I did think that the hell joke was particularly tasteless. Anyway, the 'Buttons and Bows' musical performance from the three leads was especially unforgettable. A delightful surprise!

Phani T (us) wrote: It's a Asimov story adapted to screen. And Asimov is enough to guarantee quality, no matter how bad the movie is made. The plot has enough twists to keep us guessing and the ending comes as a shocker to anyone who knows the "three laws of robotics"Must Watch fo Asimov.

Mark G (au) wrote: All hail to Dominic Cooper. He played it masterfully.

Akin J (br) wrote: One of the greatest movies all of time. Every actor is great in this movie. Relatable characters. A true masterpiece and classic. A cool true story of a bank robbery gone wrong

April W (de) wrote: This will break your heart!