Johnny Reno

Johnny Reno

The townsfolk are set on lynching an accused killer held in the town lockup. But US Marshal Johnny Reno stands in their way.

The townsfolk are set on lynching an accused killer held in the town lockup. But US Marshal Johnny Reno stands in their way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lewis E (mx) wrote: (2.5 stars)An infestation of dirty sex jokes and bargain bucket plot would normally be subject to an extended Lewis rant. But I cannot lie, this comedy sequel made me chuckle more times than I care to admit. It was right to get canned in reviews but there is something about Billy Bob Thornton's deadpan delivery or the script's relentless filth that reached my funny bone. Think the smutty humour feels natural to this group of unapologetic deviants as opposed to a fratboy movie acting desperate for laughs. If you really liked 'Bad Santa' then you should find appeal here but it is missing the genuine wit and heart of its predecessor. Furthermore the characters lack any redeeming qualities, bar the naive but lovable Thurman, and practically all females are reduced to horny sexual objects. Still, I DON'T hate this movie!! Does this make me a bad person?

Michael M (nl) wrote: Awesome. Mick Jagger still amazes me & I love that Scorsese does stuff like this.

Kelly B (nl) wrote: hahahahahaha this is great for a laugh,

Hudi W (fr) wrote: Full of unexpected twist!Not your ordinary teenage high school movieThis is definitely not the one to miss!

john o (jp) wrote: Another one of those "fatal attraction"/"basic instinct" kinda movies that came out in the late 80s and early 90s that most people's mums would like. Performances are good but I think the film's pacing could be better and Solomon could have been in it more. Also, I feel like Peyton could have been a better written character as I felt like she was more of a nuisance than a terrifying psychopath.

Ken B (kr) wrote: "True Confessions" feels more like a 1970s movie than a 1980s (or 1940s, for that matter) movie. Featuring a typically strong performance from Robert DeNiro, this is an intelligent film featuring the kind of character development and moral complexity that was dying out of films by 1981 to make way for big budget blockbusters and thrillers. The best parts of this movie are the quiet moments where the main characters are alone, going through the motions of their lives or consumed by their thoughts; scenes beautiful for the acting and directing rather than for set decoration, dialogue, or action. However, there is a threshold where too much subtlty gets in the way of drama and pacing. That's the problem here. Too little actually happens, physically, in this movie and when things do seem to happen, the viewer does not really care what happens. It's the development of character that intrigues in this film, but a little more development of story and conflict couldn't hurt. (As a side note, I also found Robert Duvall's portrayal of the short-tempered detective awkward, uneven, and, for the most part, unbelievable). "True Confessions" is a thought-provoking movie strengthened by the directing and DeNiro's performance. But it ultimately meanders along to a boring, "who cares" finish. Fans of L.A. period crime dramas would be better served checking out "Chinatown" or "L.A. Confidential."

Anna D (gb) wrote: My favorite movie. Without color, without special effects, it is the most magical romance I've ever seen. I know most people haven't seen it, and wouldn't want to, but it is a masterpiece of cinema.

David A (kr) wrote: Starts off really good with these great suspenses and jump scares, but once that "other dimension" bullshit comes into play, the film becomes unrealistic and the ending was just... off and not well-developed. I don't know. It didn't felt like a proper way to end the film. For me, this film feels like a test that James Wan made before he did "The Conjuring." I believe he was testing the waters before he actually committed the work. In the end, "Insidious" might have some nice scares, but it's not enough to warrant itself as a good horror flick. just average, at best.

Ross M (mx) wrote: After you get past the absurd idea of "alien blood-mutated mosquito monsters, the movie is not that bad. For its time, the special effects were not that bad, and everyone's gonna laugh at the cheesy dialogue. A movie everyone should see at least once.