Johnson County War

Johnson County War

The three Hammett brothers, Cain (Tom Berenger), Harry (Luke Perry) and Dale (Adam Stroke) are caught in a conflict that escalates rapidly and the old farmers facing against new farmers who have settled in the green grasslands.

The three Hammett brothers, Cain (Tom Berenger), Harry (Luke Perry) and Dale (Adam Stroke) are caught in a conflict that escalates rapidly and the old farmers facing against new farmers who have settled in the green grasslands. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ted C (gb) wrote: While there is little here to surprise you, Eastwood and Adams deliver such high calibre performances that even Justin Timberlake is tolerable. The father daughter relationship is powerfully real in its dysfunction and the genuine emotional relationships make the picture well worth your time.

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Mike C (au) wrote: Another good WWII war movie done by John Wayne & Anthony Quinn about the Philippine guerrilla warfare.

Tom D (ru) wrote: Both Cagney & Raft are in fine form here. There are some great scenes in the prison. Cagney gets to go on an emotional roller coaster ride.

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