Johny I Love You

Johny I Love You

Son of reformed criminal Suraj Singh, Johny (formerly Raju) falls in love with a woman out of his caste.

After the death of his wife, Savitri, former bandit, Suraj Singh, decides to go straight, and with the help of a Catholic Priest, Father John, goes to work in a small hillside community ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe K (ru) wrote: Wow what a wonderful movie. I have always been a big fan of Opera and this movie takes it to a whole new level. Well worth seeing. Best to do it fast because I don't believe this movie will be around long.

Amanda K (nl) wrote: Totally relatable...

Graham S (ca) wrote: Dreadful. Too much emphasis on creating "cool and arty" cinematography (which fails by a long way anyway) and no effort put into developing a story, script or message worthy of any attention whatsoever.

Kira J (ca) wrote: A sad slow movie about a girl hating her life and an affair with a much older teacher. Definitely a disturbing movie.

Sarah H (ag) wrote: I love Greg Kinnear. So, I might be a little bias in this but I do enjoy this movie.

Logan M (fr) wrote: Spike Lee works with a little too much material here, but there's no denying the movie's hefty father and son story and Lee's filmmaking prowess.

Laurent G (mx) wrote: way too long to start and so predictable. big disapointment

Lisa J (au) wrote: Really good! Something different.