A teenage orphan spends ten years traveling to experience life.

A free-spirited fifteen-year-old orphan named Jolene escapes from a mental institution, and spends ten years traveling cross-country experiencing life, love, heartbreak and freedom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frank H (gb) wrote: This was a revelation, not just in the vibrancy and diversity of Iran's music scene, but how unbroken and defiant the Iranians are after living under decades of Islamic law. The concert is being held so that they can raise money to buy passports and leave the country to play their music, music is literal and figurative liberation, a beautiful dramatization of the metaphor. Of course the concert is illegal, and the maneuvering required (Behad proves his mettle as a promoter by expertly talking his way out of serious jail time, concert-goers must be brought in three at a time to avoid detection) is indeed what actual filming was like. Ghobadi and his film crew worked on the fly without permits and were constantly looking over their shoulders. The effort pays off and the movie has an exciting, seat-of-your-pants tone. It also lingers in the mind afterwords because of the characters' simple yearning to be free. They speak of passports and visas the way prisoners speak of parole. A wonderful movie.

Damian H (kr) wrote: Very powerful film - not an expected story line either which kept you guessing what was going to happen. William McInnes is a fantastic actor :)

Todd M (de) wrote: One of my favorite ghost stories of all time

Corbin R (ru) wrote: The runtime is a bit excessive for a Rom-Com but the characters, plot, and movement ensure the audience will have an enjoyable time and find this movie worthy for a return, especially around vacations or favorite holiday seasons.

Gina C (ag) wrote: Excelente documental!!!!!!!

Nicki M (gb) wrote: This was surprisingly watchable for what it was. I expected to turn it off after ten minutes, actually watched the whole thing and quite enjoyed it. Kristin Richardson is very likeable in this and though the characters weren't entirely convincing, I did care enough to see what happened to them all at the end. Fun no-brainer rom com.

Forlondra H (de) wrote: I loved the first 2 Chipmunk movies but Chipwrecked wasn't too good so I thought the Chipmunks lost their flair; not true for this movie. Alvin and his brothers are still up to their same fun mischievous ways. The comedy, good music,and warm fuzzy feelings is classic Alvin and the Chipmunks and this movie doesn't miss it. And Dave's AAAAAAALVIIIIN screams are hilarious in this too.

Itamar K (fr) wrote: The subject matter is so fascinating, that being a huge Beatles fan I was able to overlook many of the movie's flaws and enjoy it just for the story. That just made me more upset, though, at the wasted potential. The periodic atmosphere was very well done, and the music is terrific; the casting is for the most part excellent, but character development is so poor and dialog direction is so soulless that it all falls flat and serves as nothing more than a historical reenactment, with no emotion and no flow, of some interest to Beatles fans only.

Bengel W (es) wrote: A high standard of acting brings this story to life in a brash yet with an undercurrent of romance. The sets are well done making for a realistic period drama. Music is jest-full moving the story along in a fine tone that is a cheerful gift. Cinematography is not exceptional but has some quality parts a little more prep would have made it superb. Nibbles: Cherry Lemonade, Meers Burger.

(de) wrote: Whilst some of the stylistic features seem to offer promising new directions for the Predator milieu, (such as Jamaican drug lords taking L.A. to seige, and Predator's updated arsenal) there's nothing in the execution that delivers the testosterone fuelled sense of mayhem and pleasure of the original. And let's face it, Predator was never a brilliant idea in the first place, and this movie, unlike the original, makes that abundantly clear.

Jason D (br) wrote: A Jekyll and Hyde type of slasher film in that on hand, we have an incredibly dull cast of 6 ignoramuses completely destroying the film with their dull acting as 6 youths out to spend some time at a high class house in the middle of the woods. On the other hand lies true cinematic greatness in the form of Officer Joe Vickers (played deliriously and with great 80's humor by Bobby Ray Schaffer) who is a satanic psychopathic cop that can dissolve and reappear ANYWHERE he wants to in this entire fucking film. When the killing and pun-tastic one-liners start happening, this film is amazing, but getting to that point is like pulling teeth. That part of the movie should have been called The Case of the Missing Shit, because, LITERALLY, all that was happening was cast members missing shit; shoes, toothbrush, purse, beers, soup, hair brush; it never fucking ended....that is, until Officer Vickers started ending people! This film is hilariously bad, but totally worth watching. Fair warning though, the sequel, Psycho Cop Returns, is far superior, far funnier, and far more violent than this film.

Kendyl C (ca) wrote: An atmospherically unsettling sense of horror -- from the soundtrack, to the characters themselves, which are all guilty of something suspicious going on -- Alice, Sweet Alice is a giallo horror that'll mess up the minds of whoever's watching it upon first viewing. In case anyone hasn't read ANY of the following reviews, it obviously features a debuting performance by none other than Brooke Shields, however, that's not the focus here. If you get over its courageously nonsensical storytelling, in favor of atmospheric scares instead of visible ones as well, then go check out Alice, Sweet Alice. You're not gonna jump out of your chair, but you'll want to hide behind it and shelter yourself from human beings from beginning to especially the end.

Shelly M (kr) wrote: My name is Melinda! Melinda - Winifred - Wayne - Tentries...and I am APPALLED at this OUTRAGEOUS IN-QUISITION!

Benjamin W (br) wrote: A simple premise with stunning visuals. In fact, the style really pops in black and white, almost as if it were meant for no other medium than monochrome. Of note is the sets and background, which were beautifully integrated into the story.

Zoran S (au) wrote: The preview-cut is a great masterpiece.