Jolly LLB

Jolly LLB

The film is a social satire on the law system of the country India.

A small time lawyer files a PIL in court against his own idols case. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick F (mx) wrote: Even if you manage to take away Fred's(or Lucas') high pitched sissy voice, the terrible acting, and terrible comedy, this film along with the web show, tv show, and it's predecessors are nothing but a bore.

Nicky N (nl) wrote: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Dog Days Is A Hillarious Kids Comedy.This Is The Best One In The Series.I Read The Books And I Love Them All,And The Sequels.Dog Days Is A Funny Movie For The Summer Of 2012.B+

Nik R (nl) wrote: ..Interesting thought aliens arriving in feudal japan...however only learnt after watching that its meant to be part comedy which explains a lot, aliens looked terrible, mind controlling aliens look like beanie babies, as soon as the alien saw the female ninja sexual jokes increased...the positive point is that the swordplay throughout is quite decent enough except for the last fight which has the alien using a sword like a ninja and then a gun like a gangster which just brings WTF to overall an alien action movie which shouldn't be taken seriously, but if looking for something to laugh at this might help..

Eric F (us) wrote: Way too long and not nearly as funny as the first movie. Story had no cohesiveness to it and it didn't take long for me to check out when watching the movie.

Josh S (kr) wrote: Such a fun movie! Casting was perfect for the movie! Don't watch the sequels they were ok!

Corey W (fr) wrote: I wouldn't be able to stop watching Sharon Stone either.

Hamad S (es) wrote: Quirky and original characters, an intriguing plot crashing with history and cleverly mundane dialogue all make for a bemused experience; worth watching, but not worth repeating.

Naomi G (gb) wrote: An experimental movie that uses many unusual cinematographic and narrative structures. The complicated plot , or lack thereof, is less important than the overall message that little things often lead to big things and conflicts with authority are unresolvable. As and experimental Hollywood film, this one is much easier to digest. Hollywood has had extreme difficulty stealing, er adapting, experimental film techniques to it's rigid standards. Like a dumb Senator, many directors in Hollywood think making a total mess qualifies a movie to be experimental. Not so in "Pulp" even if the plot becomes inscrutable the film as a whole is very enjoyable and Caine delvers one of his best performances.

Robert H (de) wrote: I had a tooth ache and was a bit sleepy watching this film so it's hard for me to give a fair review. But I will say it is a classic, not as frothy as it might at first appear, and has the most powerful final scene of any movie. Barbara Streisand knows how to control the screen better than any actress of the era.

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Jeramie K (de) wrote: It's truly fascinating how a documentary can make you feel or call you to act in a certain manner. And that is exactly what Whitey: United States of America V. James J. Bulger does -- it moves you to feel and to draw lines in the sand you may not have before. There is no denying James Bulger and his Winter Hill Gang are terrible people who have done terrible things. For their crimes against humanity and their tyrannical reign over south Boston, they should pay the consequences. The film takes it a step further in dashing our hopes of idealistic justice and replacing it with a scene of corruption and cover-ups beyond the persons whom are obviously corrupted and criminal in nature. Bulger's conviction and trail are merely a platform for the prosecution and the government behind them to operate and cover up their own criminal behavior and corruption. It's justice to see James Bulger finally caught and sentenced to consecutive life sentences. It's not justice to see one corrupt FBI agent sentenced to 40 years in prison for a murder he likely didn't commit while his partner and supervisor gets nothing. It isn't justice to see Kevin Weeks strike a deal to serve 4 years for the deaths of 4 people. It isn't justice to see gang executioner, John Martorano serve 12 years for the murders of 20 people for his cooperation. It isn't justice to see straight, innocent agents cross examined as if they were the bad guy. It isn't justice for the prosecution to shut down questioning by the defense that would have given the victims' families the closure they finally deserve. We must ask ourselves who and what we put our faith and trust in. Are we comfortable with that reality and the reality of our situation? Those questions are subjective and will vary from person to person.But one undeniable truth remains... The blindfold sported by Lady Justice is not the symbol of objectivity, but that of selectivity.