Jona che visse nella balena

Jona che visse nella balena

In this film, the holocaust is seen through the eyes of Jonah, an innocent young Jewish Child who is thrown from his life in Amsterdam when he is taken along with his parents to a Nazi camp... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patti M (ca) wrote: Heard it was awesome!

Bobby E (mx) wrote: pretty funny vampire movie that doesn't take it self seriously

Leonardo Malacay S (fr) wrote: No es la mejor comedia de la vida pero esta entretenida, ser feliz es lo importante.

Aleksandra D (au) wrote: A fantastic movie about different perceptions of life, work and dignity in western and eastern societies. "As long as windows exist, everybody will have his share of freedom." Powerful, but disturbing... One of those movies that makes you think more about your ambitions, times when you think that you're on the top of the world and the worst downfalls that can happen afterwards...

Chris C (ru) wrote: Despite being a not-so-executed thriller, Domestic Disturbance serves up enough thrills due to Vince Vaughn's rare antagonistic performance alongside John Travolta's convincing presence.

Mark W (nl) wrote: not terrible. depressing.

Maria N (ru) wrote: Oh Mae West honey, the movies plot is funny and could have worked in the 30's-40''s, but here its almost mockery. It should't have been made

Jack L (de) wrote: "Is Professor of Archaeology... is bleeding terrible" "Never mind his qualifications, is he hurt badly"?! A joyous outing minus Sid and a number of 'regulars'... but a gem of the series and particularly the last leg of the Carry On journey.

Mindy L (nl) wrote: interesting little film...i stumbled upon it... kind of funny.... weird, definitely

Michael H (ru) wrote: It seems like my computer is fucking up again so Im going to have to do short reviews for now. Mrs. Miniver has a excellent performence by Greer Garson and has lots of great actors in it. The story works very well making this a really good movie.83/100 B

Connor B (jp) wrote: One of the most awesome movies ever made, and probably one of the only fantasy films of the 80s that can count as a true work of cinematic art. Why more people don't like this film baffles me.

Siri B (us) wrote: What a terrible title for a lovely film. Think The Beach meets Dogs of war. Well worth the watch!

Danny M (kr) wrote: Has some redeeming moments, however to often while watching this movie I found it impossible to believe. It wasn't terrible.......... but.....