Ottomar Domnickā€²s experimental feature film is a portrait of the print shop employee Jonas who lives in a large city and suffers from feelings of guilt and fear for his existence. When he finds a hat that bears the initials of a friend that he left during the war when he fled from a detention camp, his sense of guilt becomes a severe paranoia.

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Jonas torrent reviews

Helen V (de) wrote: Great 3-D experience. Worth the watch, informative and entertaining. I could have done without the cheesy human acting

Jody T (us) wrote: This movie is alot of fun despite it's flaws. Take it for what it is worth. Definitely silly but still highly entertaining. Way better than all the "Tyler Perry Madea goes to who gives a crap" and all the other sappy sticky cheesy romantic comedy junk that makes so much money at the box office.

Patrick T (kr) wrote: Not as good as the show, but still pretty damn funny.

Jeff W (jp) wrote: crap.. boring.. so many things wrong with this movie and can't even begin.. so I won't. crap

Kendra J (jp) wrote: Creepy bee human romance. Weird movie to begin with but entertaining for kiddies.

Ola G (us) wrote: Alex "Hitch" Hitchens (Will Smith) is a professional "date doctor" who coaches other men in the art of wooing women, with a focus on long-term relationships. While coaching one of his clients, Albert Brennaman (Kevin James), who is smitten with a client of his investment firm, celebrity Allegra Cole (Amber Valletta), Hitch finds himself falling for Sara Melas (Eva Mendes). Sara is a gossip columnist and a major workaholic. While Albert and Allegra's relationship continues to progress, Hitch finds it difficult to initiate a dialog with Sara, finding that none of his methods are working for catching her, while likewise being impressed with her ability to see through people's attempts to make advances. Throughout the entire process, he keeps his career secret, claiming to be a generic "consultant." Hitch meets with Vance Munson (Jeffrey Donovan), a shallow chauvinist attempting to enlist Hitch to help him land a one-night stand with Casey Sedgewick (Julie Ann Emery), Sara's coworker and best friend. Although Hitch refused to help, Vance misled Sara into believing that he used Hitch's services. After finding out Hitch's true identity, Sara publishes an expos, causing Allegra and Albert to break up and Hitch's reputation to suffer. Hitch needs to come clean and show his love for Sara to mend their relationship..."Hitch" carries classic romcom signs, but yet has its own entity within the genre in my eyes. The fact is that this sort of role fits Will Smith like the hand in a glove. His character Alex "Hitch" Hitchens has that balance between being self assure and suave but yet within theres that unsure and real person he battles with. Smith handles that in a great manner and his cool facade breaks down the more he becomes in love with Sara. The same goes for the lovely Eva Mendes character Sara and she handles it equally well as Smith. Even if Smiths character helps his clients to make memorable impressions with women they like and want to start a relationship with, he does not help out guys who want to "Hit it and quit it". Meaning theres a love code and moral to it. I like that. Kevin James is maybe a bit like Will Smith, in a way one dimensional in his acting, however the character Albert is perfect for him. Theres funny moments, sad moments, ok dialogue, chemistry between the main actors, solid soundtrack and a beautiful homage to New York City through the camera lens. "Hitch" is ok in my eyes.

Jeanne E (au) wrote: billy connolly is in it need I say more!

Indu R (ru) wrote: A good animation movie. The voices were great and the plot was good.

Terri H (fr) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Timm S (mx) wrote: Funny Seeing All The Big-Ass Hummers Being Used As ACTUAL Army Vehicles...Nowadays There Suped Up Sports Cars. Steve Does Okay Being A Fish-Out-Of-Water Army Dude, Everything Else Is Rubbish.

Thomas K (es) wrote: One of my favorite films from one of my favorite directors.

Katarina I (mx) wrote: Soooo cheesy. Made a lot more sense how awkward the acting was once I learned they were real navy SEAL's. Thanks for your service but this was such obvious propaganda for the military and borderline racist lol. Couldn't take it seriously. It was much better on mute with subtitles.

Mad M (jp) wrote: Classic. One of the best Christmas comedies.

Karsh D (it) wrote: Clint plays a fist fighter who travels across America looking for a girl that he has fallen in love with. It still amuses and you have to love Clyde!