Jönssonligan & den svarta diamanten

Jönssonligan & den svarta diamanten

Criminal genius is incarcerated in a mental institution but his criminal plans are executed by his criminal gang and his attending doctor.

Criminal genius is incarcerated in a mental institution but his criminal plans are executed by his criminal gang and his attending doctor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (it) wrote: oh boy another b-ball sports movie like 'wildcats' or 'hoosiers"

Alex T (br) wrote: As with Hellraiser: Inferno (5) The film plays upon the contorting and psychological reality of the mind. Extremely confusing initially, Hellraiser: Hellseeker is a tense, unnerving film that is brilliant enforced by its soundtrack. Cenobites within the film take a back foot, and, because of this, the film is actually much scarier. Though the majority of questions are answered in the end, there are some sequences that make little sense, but can be explained away merely as the torture of the mind. Worth a watch for any fan of the series, or indeed any horror movie enthusiast. A newcomer to the series would be better served watching the original Hellraiser however, being more memorable and establishing allot of the premises the newer films essentially assume that the viewer is already aware of.

Darlene M (us) wrote: It's hard to like this film as a fan of the original book, as the tone is so different. The romantic comedy branding of the movie kills the actual magic for me. As did the cheesy soundtrack & clips. On its own however, it's still an interesting story and all the actresses are more than adequate.

Timothy S (es) wrote: The 1990's were a decade rich with young black filmmakers making a splash with a lot of impressive and important movies, but no one spoke louder than Spike Lee well into that time period and beyond. Even his misfires were more interesting than a lot of director's successes, and "Clockers" is a little-seen but vital piece of work that delves so much deeper into the gangster lifestyle than a dozen other similar projects.Lee and screenwriter Richard Price is more interested in exploring the power struggle involved in life on the streets, exploring the story of two brothers in the same situation but each with a very different way of dealing with it. Isaiah Washington is the family man, shunning the criminal lifestyle in favor of working two menial jobs while his sibling (the exceptional Mekhi Phifer) earns the easy money working for a crime boss.There are a lot of outside sources swaying them in different directions in the form of Delroy Lindo as the drug lord and Keith David as a local cop who cares about the people he serves adding to the richness of the story. Rather than focus on the expected and gratuitous violence, the mood here is more melancholy and Lee is a master of choosing just the right music to fit the mood. It's exceptional here.Because of the combined efforts of the director, the writer and the seasoned cast, "Clockers" is so much more than just another gang picture. Like so many others Spike Lee Joints, this has something to say.

Stephen D (au) wrote: TJ is awsome in the powder 8!!

Alex C (gb) wrote: Christoper Walken's the A-Team. Plenty of guns, explosions, and bad guys dropping like flies.

John H (mx) wrote: A quirky 80's film that's aged like fine wine, and boy is it tasty

Walter M (nl) wrote: After Ali(Rafi Pitts, who also directed and wrote) is released from prison, he finds the only job he can get is as a night watchman, giving him little time alone with his wife Sara(Mitra Hajjar) and daughter Saba(Saba Yaghoobi). He perseveres nonetheless and treasures every moment they have together. In the meantime, he still finds time for a little hunting in the countryside. On the return from one such outing, he finds them missing. And then the phone call that changes everything... "The Hunter" is a fine example of economic and terse filmmaking, making good use of its jump cuts to express the passage of time in a nonstop urban society(that apparently does not involve stoplights) that lies in contrast to the peaceful countryside. That's not the only contrast in a country that tries to be so uniform on the surface like Iran(you try and find someone in a country where half the country is supposed to dress alike) where tensions lie just below the surface, just waiting to erupt.

Alexa H (jp) wrote: I heart Clark Gable! I also like movies that spand a period in time.

Asa B (ag) wrote: Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll x 9.