It is a movie about survive in war time (WW1 East front). In dark colors, with interesting characters, mixture of ash and sand, puzzle of stories, cynic, precise, harsh, bitter, Rubick cube of times and events.

It is a movie about survive in war time (WW1 East front). In dark colors, with interesting characters, mixture of ash and sand, puzzle of stories, cynic, precise, harsh, bitter, Rubick cube of times and events. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dawid M (nl) wrote: In terms of its form, it's subversive. Deadly serious themes are explored to a point where they become a caricature - also thanks to a grotesque acting style.

Keith R (it) wrote: Great Israeli movie. Loved it!

Rolf J (mx) wrote: They got em' all, but I don't think they went much beneath the surface. I'd like some more technical info, but definitely interesting

paul s (ru) wrote: Medicine for this film... a good dose less of self importance and reliance on the indy feel would be what this doctor orders. The premise is wonderful and the beginning holds much promise - a guy is washing his teeth with his finger while the camera changes angle to a view of someone who is obviously lying in bed watching him. So much is held within those opening shots - it was obviously the aftermath of a party, and you soon find out that this couple coupled for a one night stand. What follows could have been a tight little film about people who are drawn to each other and, in the case of the woman, trying to avoid that attraction (as she is already in a comfy relationship with someone else). The nice black and white feel of the film works well, and some of the imaginative camera angles and interesting shots of SF help to keep a keen focus, but then the film wanders away into obvious set scenes that allow the filmmaker to get up on his soapbox. It is ok to say what you feel, but in this case it sabotages the film, especially when some of the sentiments spouted are just plain wrong. Having spent a good portion of my life in and around SF, I can tell you that the contention that the only interratial coupling is between black woman and white men is patently false - SF runs the gammut, blacks with latinos, blacks with orientals, orientals with latinos, you name it. I also found it confounding that this film confused some of its geography. There is no easy way you can bicycle from the marina district to the tenderloin. You see all those wonderful hills that were filmed in the opening part of the film - those suckers are between the marina and the tenderloin - you either go over them (see how steep they are - not very practical) or go around them (which makes for a lovely five plus mile ride through streets that are clogged with car traffic). But that aside (and I'm going to ignore the hideous attempt to throw in the little discussion about the gentrification of the city, which was truly lame and should have been left on the cutting room floor), the film certainly had its moments, in spite of an uneven pacing (its slow pace coming almost to a dead stop in the scenes inside the bar - what was that trying to prove???). I can understand the plot line of the man trying to get the woman to embrace her race, but I disliked portraying her as racially insensative instead of, perhaps, enlightened. She had decided to get on with her life and not dwell on reparations; something that was apparant to me, but I'm guessing not what the filmmaker intended as he preferred to portray her as shallow and taking the easy road (see, I'm putting my sociologic views into this review, just as the filmmaker did with his film). However, I must say that the final morning after scene was beautiful: the camera looking out the apartment window to a bodega across the street, then panning back to the man asleep on the couch - then moving to the empty bed and back around to the window - full 360, and then downward where you can see the woman on her bicycle, heading back to the safety of her upper class marina and out of the man's life. This was a powerful scene, but not perhaps for the reason that the filmmaker intended.

Inta K (es) wrote: sick family living through the centuries and when its close to die they find the last ones in their breed to be able to continue..

Adam L (es) wrote: I am ashamed to be a white man in this country. We need to stop this madness and give AMERICANS back the right to vote!

Christian C (us) wrote: 'Tristram Shandy' is a great deal less clever than it thinks it is.

Franiska S (kr) wrote: Solid acting, pointless script.

Stacey L (jp) wrote: i cried until i couldn't cry much much unneccesary judgment.... if you ever need to be this...

Elyse M (de) wrote: This was cute, and i know some people dont like gays but its whats goin on the world and this one was cute.

Nikolai E (au) wrote: A HERstorical epic! Get it? HERstory! Like HIStory, only it's HERstory! It's a HERstorical film! N.F. Mendoza, welcome to my death list.

Lars P (mx) wrote: I saw this at a "bad movie night". It is very watchable in that context. In other words, it is incredibly bad in all sorts of ways. Lots of big names who should have known bettwer. Worst of all is Bill Paxton in an absurdly overacted screamy role. The film does have a real message, that you need to be yourself to be liked.

George B (it) wrote: This is just absolutely terrible. I kept falling asleep from all the uninteresting dialogue and lack of action. The story is uninteresting and the acting is atrocious. Maybe one day I'll rewatch it with friends to completely make fun of it and then it'll be enjoyable.

Chris Z (jp) wrote: Abel Ferrara at his gritty best. This is straightforward Romeo & Juliet in NYC, caught in the middle of unstable conflict between Chinese and Italian gangs as Chinatown expands into previously Italian neighborhoods. Both boy and girl here have brothers who are among the younger generation of gangsters, frustrated with their elders, and who are torn between the desire to fight back, and the business orders to stop the bloodshed for the sake of money. Fantastically filmed, wonderfully constructed layered story of conflict between old and new, and between Chinese and Italian, with some of Ferrara's classic Catholic oddballs thrown in. This is classic gritty New York, and pure 1980s. It doesn't get much better than this!

Anne F (br) wrote: Pre-Code film based on a true story which brought the inhumanity of chain-gang punishment in the US to the fore. Some things change (no more chain-gangs) but attitudes towards convicts sadly don't seem to have changed much in the last 80 years; retribution and punishment are still seen as more important than rehabilitation.

Ali K (jp) wrote: I preferred the view from the Jab side!