When Joshua moves to the outskirts of Auburn, he awakens the curiosity of the sleepy town. They don’t know who he is or where he came from, but no one can shake the feeling they’ve known him for years. Despite his benevolence and selfless work in the community, some remain suspicious. Just what exactly is Joshua up to?

"Joshua" tells the story of a possible second coming of Christ to a small U.S. town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeffrey B (nl) wrote: Not a bad adaptation of the video game series. Too bad it's non-canon and it differs from the plot of the original first game.

Don S (br) wrote: A gangster movie only peripherally about the mob. This pointless "dark comedy" has some good performances and some wonderfully shot violent scenes, but seems more intent on hitting you over the head with its message of economic doldrums and how they are handled "in the family" than telling a good story and entertaining. Yet somehow, the critics loved it. Go figure.

Akshay K (nl) wrote: A bit boring bt nice movie

Holly S (fr) wrote: We love this movie, you guys got this one all wrong !

Brett H (us) wrote: Not quite deserving of it's hate, but it does fall into a stale clump of low-quality pg horror movies of the mid-2000s that no one remembers. The mystery is fairly intriguing but the movie mainly relies on cheap jump scares and the end is fucking retarded.

Ashley b (fr) wrote: this is fuunny lol!!

Leena N (es) wrote: Would have been better with better actours

Jeremy S (mx) wrote: Stupid movie but funny which it gets two stars due to funny the acting is horrible Oh Shannon Elizabeth so hot HA!

Bee M (jp) wrote: timeless like to see a remake with more ghostly haunting and more horror

Chad C (nl) wrote: Terrible, unfunny movie. Sat there watching and waiting for the funny, and it never arrived.

Lana D (jp) wrote: Whistling away in the dark....

Bo E (ag) wrote: Steve Mcqueen is not convincing in this one.

Chris (br) wrote: Early Kurosawa and like a lot of his early stuff it sucks. I have a feeling people just rate these movies highly because of the director.

Patrick W (kr) wrote: This was a decent adaptation to Stephen King's novel (where the story comes from). While it does not touch on important plot points in the novel, it still is effective in its story of an outsider girl with special powers. It was nice to see the film explore more into Carrie realizing her powers than the original one. Also, Moretz is actually a teenager (like Carrie) in this film. In the previous version, Sissy Spacek was in her mid-20s when she shot the film. Not the best Stephen King adaptation and only a decent re-make.