Journey of the Dream Warrior

Journey of the Dream Warrior


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Ian G (it) wrote: Another other side of the tracks story with two LA girls, one the rich yet neglected white girl fighting for recognition and the other the brainiac black girl fighting her way into a better way of life. Very well shot and crafted and one might believe the competition between the two lead might be real, great tention. But doesn't offer too much outside of the prototypical messages. Alright for what it is but don't see any break out performers here.

RA L (kr) wrote: LETTERBOX. Muy bien hecha y efectiva, pero diluida en su extensin y algo redundante, lo cual no sera tan problemtico si el protagonista no fuera tan antiptico (ni su desarrollo tan arrastrado). / Very well made and effective, but diluted in its extension and somewhat redundant, which would not be a problem if its protagonist weren't so unpleasant (and his development so dragged).

Justin B (ca) wrote: A paper thin premise used as a vehicle for some scattershot comedy. Really nothing special but the mixed blend of comedy means that most will find a few laughs here and there.

Kler B (mx) wrote: Prenant, vrai, intime... Non, ca n'arrive pas qu'aux autres et oui, il y a toujours une solution et un choix afaire.

Casey B (ru) wrote: [b]Band of Brothers[/b] Beautifully told with wonderful characters. Completely different from [i]Saving Private Ryan[/i], this is more of a personal journey that these soldiers partake. Two actors go on to act in the excellent yet shortlived [i]Boomtown [/i]series.[b]Team America: World Police[/b] Hilarious. Love the song about [i]Pearl Harbor[/i]. Very good satire. Other than that, not much else to the movie.[b]American History X[/b] Hardcore topics and great performances from both leads. I wasn't too fond of the way it ended though. Seemed a bit... predictable? or manipulative?[b]The Last Kiss[/b] Have yet to see the original and I sure hope it is better. Braff's charm can't hold this formulaic relationship drama together.[b]Crank [/b] Crazy. Did not expect this too be so hilarious and outrageous. Pure entertainment.

Michael A (ag) wrote: I took the time to write this review because i honestly believe we let a good one slip by us, I'm a huge fan of all types of horror, this one would be more of the "It's 2am and there's nothing on" type :) Overall it's got a great "Nightmare on Elm st." plot with lot's of of cheesy one liners, and some pretty sweet death's..i rate this one an 7, not for how it compairs to other horror movies, but for how it managed to crack me up, and give me something that i would definitly re-watch. So check it out peeps..definitly worth it.

Chelsea M (jp) wrote: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING MOVIE!!! <3 LOVE IT!!

Neil H (au) wrote: Hip-Hop culture / roots documentary at the finest I've seen it

Bruno L (mx) wrote: Very funny and enjoyable! a must-see for any comedy troupe fans(like monty python, snl)! if you do not like this movie, get yourself the magic pill from the movie to get you in a coma because you are depressed!

m a (ca) wrote: Compounded by Cass Elliot.

Nelson M (mx) wrote: Some Scooby Doo sh*t right here

Asha V (ca) wrote: i lved ish abins in this

scott g (es) wrote: enjoyable 70s cop thriller as legend john wayne plays brannign a chicago cop off to london to escort a prisoner back to the u.s and runs into all matter of trouble as bad guys want him dead, wayne does his thing, and certainly a joy watching him deal with london low lifes and police politics, also starring richard atenborough as a police captain

Alon M (us) wrote: good story and acting but the dialogue is very trite and almost laughable at times.

James H (ag) wrote: Above average western, Kirk Douglas and Walter Brennan do a fine job in their roles. Virginia Mayo's performance is melodramatic and not very sincere. Good cinematography. The period detail is below average. Nice location shooting.

Cameron F (fr) wrote: Young cop is recruited to police aliens in this sci-fi comedy adaptation. Although entertaining in brief moments, the plot seems pedestrian and the direction feels sloppy and at times, forced.

Tim W (es) wrote: Charming, somewhat amusing, and cleverly self aware...but disappointing and lacking. Did they try too hard or not hard enough? Or maybe they ran out of ideas? Even a not so great Muppet movie is still a good movie. 6.5/10

Jamie K (it) wrote: This movie has a ton of boobs in it. If you like boobs, you'll like My Tutor.

Steve W (jp) wrote: Tries its hardest but falls to immense cliches. The performances and pacing is excellent, but the movie definitely falls apart by film's end. If they had the balls to do something else than I would have commended it, but it ends in rather an unrealistic way. I do like the massive ambiguity, but its just shy of being a better film than it could have been.