Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Journey To The Center Of The Earth

On a quest to find out what happened to his missing brother, a scientist, his nephew and their mountain guide discover a fantastic and dangerous lost world in the center of the earth.

Adapted from the fiction novel of Jules Verne, film is the journey to find the missing brother of scientist Trevor. Accompanying with him is his nephew, Sean Anderson and a mountain guide, Hannah Assgeirsson. They find a fantastic and dangerous lost world while being trapped in a cave. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Journey To The Center Of The Earth torrent reviews

carl m (ag) wrote: Awesome Movie! Very informative about the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Colleen M (jp) wrote: It felt very formulaic - the plot was not solid at all :T

Michael W (de) wrote: Very gory, and there were a few things that I either thought were lacking or just didn't like, but all things considered it is pretty good if you are interested in the period or the genre.

Damian J (nl) wrote: Oh no. It's all been done before but much, much better.

Hanna P (nl) wrote: Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore compliment each other very well in there acting and signing in this movie i enjoyed this movie a great deal.

shelly s (mx) wrote: don't like these kind of movies, depressing

Lee M (kr) wrote: The plot points verge on the familiar and obvious, but Adams's work with the actors (especially Judd and among the others Jeffrey Donovan, Diane Ladd, Tim Blake Nelson, and Scott Wilson) is so resourceful and focused that she makes them shine.

Richard B (nl) wrote: The lead character has less emotional range than Keanu Reeves. It was really difficult to watch!

Joanne C (fr) wrote: This comes across as being more like a play.Robert Downey Jr is a god in this.Even as a lying cheat, he can be sooooo endearing.The dialogue is clever.

Ri A (kr) wrote: A good movie made by Raj Kumar Santoshi, it's one of those Sunny's movie in which his loud action doesn't pisses me off.

David H (de) wrote: Amazing disintegration of a relationship due to a unreasonability but with incredible parody

Byron B (mx) wrote: A cliche detective narrates about being on the trail of stolen money that never turned up after a heist. Three criminals, one a murderer, are suspected of being involved. Also the lawyer representing all three is suspected. The murderer is put to death and then like Frankenstein's monster is brought back to life with added strength and skin impervious to bullets, except on the low budget there is no monster makeup. Lon Chaney Jr. lumbers around seeking revenge. The detective starts to become friendly with the murderer's last known "girlfriend," a burlesque dancer with a heart of gold. Nothing special or exciting.

Fred B (ru) wrote: As film noirs go, it hardly gets better than this.

Randy B (au) wrote: At no fault of the story or script (which was clever)...most of the acting and special effects fell way short of fair. Mila Kunis, who I generally like, was particularly poor. The monkey, well, I hadn't seen CGI effects that poor in years. Special mention to both Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams who were both very believable in their roles.

Kevin M (br) wrote: Overrated. The symbolism between the characters is blended in an unrealistic setting. The longevity of the character development falls apart after the 2nd scene. If you want great story telling you have to be honest. It feels cheap. Cheap and deserted like the land Simba is trying to get back.

Chris I (ru) wrote: a tame prequel to wolf of wall street, points for the hilarious interior decorating