Journey to the Edge of the Universe

Journey to the Edge of the Universe

A journey through space and time.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:East-Greenlandic,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:comet,   moon,   space,  

In one single, epic camera move we journey from Earth's surface to the outermost reaches of the universe on a grand tour of the cosmos, to explore newborn stars, distant planets, black holes and beyond. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew C (jp) wrote: Haha, great 80's horror movie. I was hoping for giant slugs at one point, but they didn't seem to make it that far. Aside from that it was a fun movie.

Leo L (it) wrote: Emotional roller coaster has never been this good.

Michael A (it) wrote: Way too talkative for it's own good.

David L (br) wrote: when the reviews say its a storyline of "questionable taste", I know it will surprise . Great opening, great score, but a horrible last scene with Kidman on the beach breaking down, going cuckoo, but the first half is magnificently beautiful. Hokey, but boy is it a powerful celebration of eternal love. Until the big reveal and damn I feel like a fool!

Marion R (br) wrote: I was confused about the plot. Just really didn't care for the film and it was obviously not as good as the first.

Mark D (kr) wrote: watchable and has its odd moments of humour but nothing special

Doug Z (jp) wrote: 'Cult' and 'Classic' do not adequately describe how magnificently the stars aligned to give us this perfect, matchless fantasy epic. I love everything about it, and each viewing only enhances the experience. The cinematography, sound-track, and set design is pitch-perfect (the sequence where Conan's village is attacked, with the light shining through the trees, the drums pounding? My God!!). Arnold's heavy accent and lack of range actually work FOR him here (Crush your enemies, see dem driven befoh you, and hear de lamentation of dare vimen!'). He is, of course, peerless in terms of the physique one would associate with the role. Amazing that he actually trimmed DOWN 30 pounds to achieve the more athletic look wanted by the director, John Milnius! Sandahl Bergmen is perfect as Conan's love-interest and partner in crime, Valeria (though her name is never spoken). Strong, independent and dangerous (no one-note 'Damsel in Distress'), a beautiful Valkarie. Gerry Lopez is great as Subotai, Conan's buddy, and it is endearing to hear his accent slip and his 'California-surfer' come to the surface. They actually had to dub his lines because of his inconsistent delivery, but there is one scene that made it into the finished film, and it is all Gerry. James Earl Jones has been accused of being campy with his portrayal of Thulsa Doom, but that is utter nonsense. He is perfect in word and deed.. His voice and delivery is glorious, and one could listen for hours to him reading the phone book. There is in fact nothing camp or tongue-in-cheek about this film. Everyone and everything is dead-serious, and I think it is one of the reasons this film will continue to stand the test of time, where the numerous copycats remain embarrassing footnotes. Mako is the best as the Wizard, narrator, and comic relief. The plot is engrossing and well-paced, the ultimate origin story. The score accompanies each scene perfectly, and is one of the big stars of the film. The general lack of CGI is so very welcome and appreciated! What little there is is seamless and unobtrusive. The actors did most of their own stunts and all of their fight choreography, and it pays off beautifully. A true classic, and the standard against which all fantasy films are measured, and found wanting (save for Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy).

Rick K (br) wrote: Scared me silly! Awesome movie!

Francisco S (ag) wrote: Jessica Chastain was really good in this movie, what is difficult when we are leading with such a lazy project by Ned Benson, that don't save to the spectator boring scenes, making the story boring at all never becoming interesting at any moment, and its predictable plot and lack of originality is so obvious that, I have to wonder where everyone had their heads when they wrote all the good reviews about the movie making its average being 63%. Furthermore the dialogue between the characters is horrible an ridiculous, and its a shame put a movie like this in the cinemas, and I really hope that my charismatic Jessica Chastain choose better her movies, because not me not anyone want to see her being buried before she be dead.

Rocky R (it) wrote: Avoid. Dark. Not a good film.