Journey to the End of the Night

Journey to the End of the Night

In a dark and decadent area of São Paulo, the exiled Americans Sinatra and his son Paul own a brothel. Paul is a compulsive gambler addicted in cocaine and his father is married with the former prostitute Angie, and they have a little son. When a client is killed by his wife in their establishment, they find a suitcase with drugs.

The tale of a son and his father separately plotting to escape the desolation of their lives in the lurid underworld of Brazil's sex industry... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caleb C (us) wrote: Somewhat of a french remake of Knocked Up in some ways except this being the more serious and deeper of the 2 films. Although, I have to say that Knocked Up was the better film as a whole and has more wide appeal for sure. I think this could be unwatchable for some and maybe a bit too much realism for most audiences. I would say it is one of the better films I have seen made in 2011 though to say the least.

Movie G (nl) wrote: This movie is what indie horror should be......original and completely against the Hollywood grain. The production of this movie is excellent!! It is very well made and really surprised me that such a good movie could be pulled off with such a low budget. I've seen lot's of low budget horror crap so this was a refreshing change, good job all around. Great!!

Asuka A (ag) wrote: It's women's dream story (^~)

William K (au) wrote: Despite being a bit weary of the plethora of holocaust and Nazi-themed movies in the fast few years ("the gift that keeps on giving"), this one is excellent and without a doubt one of the finest out there in this genre. This is an incredibly moving and profound film with the themes of redemption, new birth and forgiveness in the face of horrific situations resultant from Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia during and after WW II. What ethics would we apply in similar circumstances? Interesting moral questions are raised in an artistically satisfying screenplay executed by a first rate cast. Highly recommended!

Andrew O (kr) wrote: Like Christopher Nolan's Following, Pi is a black and white debut film from a pretty famous filmmaker. And like Following, it is inspiring to a filmmaker. I don't think it really knew what it wanted to do, but it was intriguing in the story and artsy and intelligent in it's style.

Matt D (nl) wrote: The beauty of this film is, writer/director LaBute tells a story so intense and diabolical, the audience has no choice but to have a strong reaction, one way or another.

Bethany R (es) wrote: I saw this a long time ago and remember liking it as a child, but I don't remember much about it.

Timeen (fr) wrote: Always a joy to watch Keanu, this is one from his early days that deals with teen suicide.....good singing

Jacob T (es) wrote: This one of the better comedies I have seen. Batman (1989) is better. Batman returns is better. Batman Forever is better. Batman & Rodin is better. Batman begins is better. The Dark knight is better. The Dark knight rises is better. Batman vs Superman dawn of the justice league is better. But still this is great movie. See it. See all the Batman movies.

Christopher B (ca) wrote: This was a decent thriller. Dry at parts, but definitely watchable.

Matt N (it) wrote: The book was brilliant as were all the others and I was looking forward to the production of the films; however this one didn't live up to the awesomeness and potential that the book had.

James C (ag) wrote: I'm not sure how a film based on the classic Bewitched comedy series became a bizarrely Meta commentary on the film industry and the nature of remakes that gets crowded back by an awful romance mainplot.It wasn't as bad as the general consensus seems to have made it out to be, but I'm not sure who this was made for.

David S (ag) wrote: As far as spoofs go such as the glorious Piranha 3D, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus is terrible beyond comedy. The main interest of the movie, the monsters, are glossed over and given little time to climax. The acting is obviously shit, but not to the point of being funny unfortunately. Where Piranha 3D succeeded, MS vs GO is an abysmal failure.

Elgan D (gb) wrote: Starts off as an interesting 50's science fiction movie but it quickly devolves into a underwhelming creature feature.

Carlos I (mx) wrote: Pretty fantastic creature feature. Gorgeously shot, with a great sense of tension. This is a director I'm going to keep my eye on.