Jû jin yuki otoko

Jû jin yuki otoko

A yeti terrorizes people on top of Mount Fuji.

A yeti terrorizes people on top of Mount Fuji. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt B (jp) wrote: very funny haven't laughed this much during a film in a long time. lost its edge towards the end but still a solid comedy. I recommend this as it finally premiered on HBO.

Deepak R (ru) wrote: Before Release Vijay Fans Started to Tell Kaththi is ready to break 200 CRORE Box Office but After Seeing Kaththi Really Disappointment .Good Story but Scene By Scene Boring to see ,Villain looking like Aegan Comedy Villain

Anuar A (gb) wrote: Life of two athletes of whose biggest obstacle and biggest triumph was each other.

Kellie G (kr) wrote: Bad script!! Predictable but watchable.

Eric L (fr) wrote: , 1/2"????C+? 1/4 1/4?+?? 1/4"? 1/2<-...?? 3/4,' 3/4-?? 1/4?>"A+?

Caitlin L (mx) wrote: Surprisingly entertaining.

Jordan H (de) wrote: Havent seen it yet but when i do i know it will be good!!!

Amanda H (br) wrote: This movie is depressing, dark, and overall, just... bad. I watched 45 minutes of it, realized I was just watching a bunch of people yell at each other about a missing and/or dead kid, and shut it off. Julianne Moore's acting is solid, but beyond that I saw absolutely nothing of interest.

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Looks like it could be a good movie, will keep my eyes peeled.

Dan B (br) wrote: not as good as i thought it was gonna be just a bunch of sittin around talking

Tom D (gb) wrote: If you are a fan of Jackie Chan then this movie is a must see. There are a lot of spectacular stunts in this movie. Chan does so many great action scenes and stunts in this movie. There is also plenty of humor in this movie to keep you entertained. I watched the dubbed version which has a lot of cheesy dialogue.

Stuart L (es) wrote: An amazing achievement in special effects!

Stella D (kr) wrote: it might be the first film noir i ever saw. anyway i remember it fondly. rip bowie

The Movie G (au) wrote: Will always and forever be the best classic of all time!!

Chayc (gb) wrote: It was ok. Well done, but more of a drama than a horror flick.

Joseph V (us) wrote: 3/5 starsActing was absolutely horrendous, but kept you watching and was scary enough.