Juan Nadie

Juan Nadie


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Juan Nadie 1990 full movies, Juan Nadie torrents movie

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Juan Nadie torrent reviews

Nicole o (es) wrote: Five college friends and a plus one physically come together to watch a friend after he tries to commit suicide but in all other regards they spend the majority of the weekend egocentrically delving into their own unresolved self-generated baggage.It is hard for a film, when it's basically a remake pretending not to be because this time the suicide victim isn't a victim but an attemptee but is hypocritically self-aware and gives homage to its predecessor, to do what it wants authentically without resembling a rip-off. And, fair warning, I have seen The Big Chill, and unintentionally watched it again a week before watching About Alex.From the get-go you know to expect self-indulgent intellectualisms but About Alex is nothing but pretentious ramblings, giving it a loathsome hipsterly quality. The atmosphere of the entire movie is bordering on combative as they angrily banter through the tension. Maybe this was a deliberate decision from writer/director Jesse Zwick; to put a mirror to the disjointed self absorbed nature of the generation and act as a representation and critique of the Facebook age. One would think that people coming together to help another through the days immediately following a suicide attempt would be kind and loving but for the most of the movie you forget they were even friends. The acting is good and roles fully formed, of which Jane Levy and Max Greenfield are most successful, but they can not save their faulted characters.The directing and composition of shots was uninspired, average, and literal. There is an art to telling a story without having it plainly done with the characters' dialogue and that is completely missing from About Alex. This is evident from the very beginning when Zwick decides to waste five minutes showing: the suicide attempt, everyone getting the call about the suicide attempt and making their arrangements to go and deal with the suicide attempt. Instead he could have saved five minutes, had everyone somberly encounter one another, leaving the dialogue as-is where the true subject for being together is implied and pussyfooted around and then cut to the one friend left at the cabin as he tries to clean the bloodstained bathtub. All conversations between two characters are over the shoulder framed close-ups that cut back and forth as they talk to one another.I wanted to like this movie, the trailer had me so hopeful and the cast is sublime but About Alex is masturbatory and decidedly not The Big Chill of our generation.

Manu G (jp) wrote: Before the hammer...came the sword. So-So movie. The story wasn't that attracting to me at the end. The animation was pretty good I must say. I guess I don't really like Thor in his beginning adventures since he didn't have the hammer yet. Thor all grown up is what I really like. Watch if your fan, you'll enjoy his beginnings. Follow The Mighty Thor of Asgard on his first great adventure as he quests for the mythical Lost Sword of Surtur. With his brother Loki by his side and the swaggering Brothers Three to help fend off the forces of evil, Thor embarks on a clandestine treasure hunt that quickly turns treacherous. Upon discovering that the very future of Asgard hangs in the balance, the fearless warrior must prove his strength in order to embrace his magnificent destiny.

Matthew B (ag) wrote: A crudely made but powerful non-partisan document of the failings of our current election process. As frightening as any horror film, but a thousand times more real. We aren't in control of this country any more, fellow citizens, and from the looks of things we haven't been in control for quite some time.

Adam U (jp) wrote: I absolutely love this movie, Andrea Roth as as entertaining and early Jack Black is just starting to get his acting chops

Richard B (br) wrote: I really liked this very old Woody Allen film and think that if a film like it came out today that it'd be one of my favorite films of that year. I loved the concept and loved how it was shot. I do wish a few of the fantasties looked better as they look very cheesy, but I still liked them. The plot is a little predictable, but I still really enjoyed this film and even though Woody Allen didn't direct it, he still starred in it and thought it (and the play it's based on). Overall, Play it Again, Sam is one of my favorite Woody Allen films.

Chris M (gb) wrote: Its an old school detective movie with Frank Sinatra. need I say more

Patrick T (gb) wrote: Slow-burning, suspenseful and surreal.

Asif K (ca) wrote: not interested in these awful movies .... let me watch all the good movies first then i will watch these movies ... but that day is never coming ;p

Bradley B (de) wrote: De Sica successfully combines fantasy with neorealism in this classic story of one man's extreme optimism and unbridled kindness. Truly a wonderful piece of Italian cinema by a director that should be on everyone's top 10 list as one of the best ever.

Gordon S (ag) wrote: Excellent. Attenborough is brilliant as Pinkie Brown. Looking forward to the remake that come out next month.

Tony T (au) wrote: In addition to being the first great "talkie" gangster movie, this Warner Bros. Pre-Code crime film was also the one that made Edward G. Robinson a star with a classic story-line detailing the rise and fall of a Capone like mobster in Chicago. There are some who do find this film somewhat dated, and I would have to slightly disagree with them. The movie itself is not dated and the classic story-line is certainly not dated because it has been copied many times over the years. However the one element that I do think is somewhat dated in this movie is probably the story-telling technique.....I find it to be somewhat stiff & abrupt in its presentation. This fact coupled with the general under-whelming performances of the supporting cast prevented me from ranking this film higher than a 4-stars or 8/10......However, despite the uninspired performances of the supporting cast in "Little Caesar", the same cannot be said about Robinson's powerful portrayal of Rico Bandello. You can clearly see why this movie made him a star. The man is a force of nature who lit up the screen whenever he's on it....HE IS LITTLE CAESAR!!!!....Overall, a classic gangster film with an iconic performance by Edward G. Robinson.......Rating: 8/10...... 8)