Jubal Troop is a cowboy who is found in a weakened condition, without a horse. He is given shelter at Shep Horgan's large ranch, where he quickly makes an enemy in foreman Pinky, a cattleman who accuses Jubal of carrying the smell of sheep.

A new foreman rejects the sexual advances of a frustrated rancher's wife, and that leads to conflicts which could get him killed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin T (fr) wrote: The movie is a little optimistic overdrive, kinda make light of the situation. But I am a Miriam fan, she is not a great actress but has a bubbly screen persona that is infectious. I enjoy every moment she is on screen. So I am just a sucker to her.

Alonso A (kr) wrote: Its deep and heavy-minded themes dont hold the amateurish actings and uneven script, but it's an interesting debut and a "respectable failure".

Carlton H (es) wrote: Long shots of scenery and goats and wonderful acting even from the little ones.

Filipe C (br) wrote: There was a nice off beat chemistry to the relationship between Cusack and Lana. Overall, thought, this film is outdated and relies to much on ideas that have been played to exhaustion.

Frank D (de) wrote: very klunky, no emotion or style action movie

Jeff B (ag) wrote: Decent enough film. I don't know why it is so overlooked or over-reacted to (negatively, often.) It's got a stellar cast and a bit of everything. That said, It's clearly Tim Robbins' weakest film as a director and nobody really stands out--apart from maybe Bill Murray.

James C (mx) wrote: After helping out a starving vampire, a horror author is repaid by being taken to 'The Monster Club' and told stories of three different types of monsters.I have a real soft spot for this movie - it is the highest form of camp horror done perfectly. The three stories are all entertaining in different ways and are a good mix of sad, funny and horrific, with my favourite being the hilarious second entry starring Donald Pleasence. The framing sequences in 'The Monster Club' itself are all very silly and amusing with a mix of comedy, people in rubber masks and several musical numbers. The cast is a great mix of horror stalwarts and other famous faces from the time who all play their roles to the max, with a special mention going to the legendary Vincent Price (and one of the only times he has played a vampire methinks). I remember seeing this movie way back in the day and it really appealed to my love of camp horror, and it a film that I can happily watch again and again. But, in the scheme of things, it really hasn't stood up to the test of time, and one thinks that it isn't going to appeal to the modern horror fan. But, I will always urge people to check it out if they haven't seen it and enjoy this great movie that shows why the British have always been the best at making horror anthology films.

Varun S (gb) wrote: TAMASHA is a big disappointment. From a director of Imtiaz Ali's calibre, one could never expect such an imperfect product. It seems like the script was rushed, and so was the production. You lose track of the flaws after a while because the film is full of it. Sadly, it is probably the worst film of Imtiaz's career. It might do well at the box office due to the great publicity, the Imtiaz Ali brand, the popular music, and the casting of Deepika and Ranbir.. However, it will be remembered as one of the weakest films by Imtiaz Ali.