Judaai (English: Separation) is a 1997 Indian Bollywood film starring Anil Kapoor, Urmila Matondkar and Sridevi who made her last appearance in this film and left the industry. This is the remake of 1994 Telugu film Subha Lagnam, which was in turn remade from the Kannada movie Ajagajantara (1991) starring Kashinath.

When Kajal (Sridevi) marries Raaj (Anil Kapoor), an Engineer by profession, she and her dad (Kader Khan), automatically assume that he is rich, wealthy, and corrupt. But that is not the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe A (ru) wrote: Just like the first, the acting and storyline pretty much sucked, but the action was much better and that's saying something as the action of the first film was great. It's fast pace, precise, and not at all choppy.

Chris B (ca) wrote: that should have been better. glad I was doing the ironing whilst watching otherwise it would have been a waste of time.

Conrad T (br) wrote: I did not fast forward. Keep reminding me of the much better An Officer and A Gentleman by Richard Gere.

Corey W (es) wrote: Like Billy the Kid, I probably take more pleasure in this killing than I should.

Andr D (de) wrote: "El Dorado" es una especie de re-make de "Rio Bravo", el clsico del oeste dirigido por Howard Hawks. Aqu, un grupo de amigos (un pistolero con la mano entumecida, un sheriff borracho y cojo, un viejo que odia a los indios y un joven que no sabe disparar) se enfrentan a unos pistoleros profesionales en medio de una ria territorial. John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Arthur Hunnicutt y James Caan interpretan a estos amigos a la perfeccin y Christopher George es de lo mejor interpretando al cicatrizado lder de los pistoleros. No importa que muchas de las situaciones de "Rio Bravo" se repitan en "El Dorado": Howard Hawks logra darle frescura, energa y sentimiento a esta cinta, la cual es un Western de primera categora.

Jacob M (fr) wrote: A pretty good classic spy-drama from Billy Wilder.

Nathan R (gb) wrote: Been meaning to see this since it first came out, and now finally getting around to it now that I've seen most of the other Coen Bros. films (and enjoyed them).Great cast. And they do come through with good performances. Turturro in particular was his usual great self.Also some nice plot twists, and kept you guessing as to the outcome. However, it suffers from a fatal flaw. It is inconsistent tonally.At times the film dips into their trademark, quirky, darkly comic style. (Cases in point: the sounds of explosions and gunshots in the background of one scene, the almost comical number of cops outside of a building, the way that the cops raid some establishments, all done in that exaggeratingly comic style characteristic of the Coens). However, most of the time, it moves along as was is by far the most dramatic of the Coen's films, perhaps, and much more straightforwardly so, taking itself very seriously. This contrasting combination makes it difficult then to take the proceedings -- which are rather overly melodramatic at times as well, and not in that Coen style -- very seriously. It makes for an odd mix.Perhaps it is also due to casting actors that don't quite fit that Coen style. While talented, the Irishman Bryne and the Brit Finney are playing it straight, and aren't capturing that uniquely American Coen style. But is that what they were going for here? That's the problem: it's unclear.My response may also reflect my mixed feelings about the gangster genre generally.I finished it because I was curious as to the fate of the characters. But not because I felt very invested in them, really compelled by it, or was really entertained by it.In any case, I was underwhelmed.

Jesse R (kr) wrote: Rocky is back in Rocky II (1979) and this time Apollo Creed wants a rematch, after the fact he defeated Rocky in Rocky (1976), but many critics stated he did win the match, but then again, he didn't. This gets to Creed and he challenges Balboa to a rematch.Another wonderful film, and I think the fight scenes are better in this one then the original. With Rocky Jr. (Robert) being born, Adrian in a coma, Rocky has a lot on his mind, but with the strength from his Wife, and his determination, Rocky stuns the world once again.

Mightyman A (au) wrote: Khan is epic in this, he's up there with Darth Vader as one of the best movie villains of all time. Kirk and Khan at their best. Great story, great pacing, great film.

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