Georges Franju's Judex is an arch, playful tribute to the serials of the influential silent filmmaker Louis Feuillade. Franju shuffles through the plot of Feuillade's lengthy serial of the same name, about an adventurer named Judex (Channing Pollock) whose revenge against the corrupt banker Favraux (Michel Vitold) unleashes a complicated series of schemes.

Favraux, an unscrupulous banker, receives a threatening note, signed by "Judex", demanding that he pay back the people he has swindled. He refuses, and apparently dies after a midnight ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonny P (au) wrote: Let's just pretend that this one never happened. "Mulan II" takes an epic Disney story and tells the boring, unnecessary second chapter (as most Disney direct-to-video sequels do). Someday, Disney will learn to just leave a great story alone instead of ruining it. References to jokes from the first film and reprises of the original songs are not enough to create a successful film, and when you have a story as amazing as "Mulan," no sequel will live up to it. The end of the first film is slightly ambiguous, leaving us to imagine what the future holds for Mulan and Li Shang. Most importantly, it downplays their love story in order to emphasize the film's more important themes: honor and self-identity. This sequel is the antithesis of those themes, putting them aside so that it can focus on a high school drama-filled love story and a cartoon dragon's ability to get in the way of true love. The songs are SO CHEESY as Mulan's uplifting girl-power is transformed into eight-year-old-girls-should-strive-to-be-a-warrior propaganda. I'm surprised they didn't have sing-a-long lyrics with a bouncing ball. I suppose that Mulan does end up doing the honorable thing in the end, but her journey to do so seems overdramatic and childish. I hate seeing such a powerful character as Li Shang portrayed as weak, clumsy, and goofy. "Mulan II" will ruin these characters and their future; therefore, I am going to pretend that the true future of Mulan and Li Shang lies in the ambiguous ending of the first film and that this sequel is merely a nightmare in the mind of Mushu and that he will wake up to find that his voice sounds like Eddie Murphy once again.

Bruno D (br) wrote: Insurrection is the ninth Star Trek film and the third in The Next Generation series. The movie itself was a bit slow and boring at times. The cast are great as usual and did well with what they had. The story was interesting enough for a Trek film but it felt more like something you'd see in the actual Next Generation tv series which isn't a bad thing actually.. The pacing needed some work and the villain wasn't all that memorable but served for plot purposes.. The movie has great action and good special effects as well as a a fantastic sound track and excellent make up work.Overall its worth a watch but depending on whether your a die hard Trek fan or not will determine your enjoyment of the movie.

Andrew K (fr) wrote: It is cheesy and the storytelling adopts a spontaneous approach, and it's hilarious how there's almost not a single actor who speaks decent English, and I'd be lying if I didn't say that the action is not up to the standards of most foreign martial arts movies, but even with all these problems, Bloodsport is entertaining for all the right and wrong reasons.

Adam C (mx) wrote: McCartney needed an ego boost in the 80's so he wrote himself a movie. Not too bad though.

Art S (ca) wrote: Actually this is a very dull jidaigeki from Kinugasa (who isn't in the pantheon of Japanese directors) but it is outstanding for one thing: its color photography and accompanying art design. Feudal Japan could not have been this colorful with purple, neon green, and satiny pink everywhere. Some of the compositions with geometric swathes of these colors criss-crossing the screen are incredible. But the story, about a samurai who lusts for a married woman, is plain and rather unmotivated.

Jacob M (br) wrote: Disney's package films continue with Make Mine Music. Even though Fantasia flopped, Make Mine Music was the closest Walt got in making another film. Unlike Fantasia, Make Mine Music features modern, contemporary music (well, for the 1940's) instead of classical music. But the premise of combining the music with the animation is still the same.Make Mine Music features 10 segments:1. The Martins and the Coys- Sung by the King's Men, this segment features a feud caused by two hillbilly families. Disney removed the segment from the DVD due to "political correctness," but the segment isn't that bad.2. Blue Bayou- Originally intended for Fantasia but was cut, Blue Bayou shows a bird romance with vocals by the Ken Darby chorus.3. All the Cats Join In- Jazz legend Benny Goodman shows his jazzy talents in this segment about a group of jazzy teens.4. Without You- This segment is a collection of animation with vocals by Andy Russell.5. Casey at the Bat- With narration from Jerry Cologna, Casey at the Bat tells about a batter named Casey who plays by his own rules.6. Two Silhouettes- Dinah Shore sings while Silhouettes of ballet dancers perform.7. Peter and the Wolf- Tells about a boy named Peter who goes after a wolf along with his animal friends. It is narrated by Sterling Holloway, who would later play Winnie the Pooh.8. After You've Gone- Benny Goodman returns to perform to a group of percussion instruments.9. Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet- Tells about a romance between two hats, with vocals by the Andrews Sisters.10. The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met- In the final segment, Nelson Eddy narrates and voices an operatic, singing whale who intends to become an opera singer.Make Mine Music is probably one of Disney's most underrated films because of the negative comparisons to Fantasia, with many going as far as calling it "The Poor Man's Fantasia," even though Walt was behind both films. Yes, Fantasia was a great film, but Make Mine Music is impressive in it's own way, even though it is not as good as Fantasia.The animation is pretty impressive, especially in the Whale segment, and the voices are good too.The best segments are the Whale, Peter and the Wolf, and Casey at the Bat.While the Martins and the Coys have been removed, I still think it's entertaining. If you want to watch it, you can on You Tube.I was impressed for the most part with the shorts in this film, and it deserves to have more recognition. Walt provided us with a follow up two years later, called Melody Time, which is also an underrated gem as well.

Nate T (jp) wrote: Second of two Cash Carter films by Wilder. Very Good... Should be on Blu-ray.

Tom H (ru) wrote: exciting and colorful film which follows some photographers in the middle of a revolutionary war in Nicaragua. the last half hour was truly thrilling. if you like Oliver Stone`s "Salvador", you will probably like this one too.