Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd

In a dystopian future, Dredd, the most famous judge (a cop with instant field judiciary powers) is convicted for a crime he did not commit while his murderous counterpart escapes.

In the crime-plagued future, the only thing standing between order and chaos is Judge Joseph Dredd. When heĀ is convicted for a crime he did not commit, Joseph must face his murderous counterpart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Melissa W (de) wrote: I loved this film! Reminds me of the guys I went to high school with and with actors like Bo Burnham and Tim Blake Nelson I expected it's going to be a good ride and it was!. I loved the crazy antics these guys got themselves into with the Sin Bin.The dialogue was so natural and witty. I recommend it now that it's available on VOD to watch with your friends and reminisce about your old glory days and maybe the not so glorious ones as well.

Andrea B (jp) wrote: funny, but not as good as the original was, I hope they don't ruin this classic by making a million sequels :/

Margaretha T (us) wrote: i watch this movie on a boring nite to get well, at least getaway my boring mood, but in the end i get more bored while watching this movie and i get really...really disappointed because i waste my precious time. Thank God Chris Pine looks good in this movie, and i got none of my money being wasted because i bought worse movie since i bought ten dvds free one, and this movie is on free section, lol

Reid V (ag) wrote: Having seen and fell in love with The Trip first, it was fun to spend more time with characters that I had come to know and love. On top of being a smart and layered film, Coogan and Brydon continue to give the audience their patented witty passive-aggressive banter. While I did not find myself sick with laughter in the same ways as i was with The Trip, it is still very funny. If you love the characters in all of their humor and misery, then this film is for you.

Godfrey C (us) wrote: Very drawn out, but still worth watching. A movie that doesn't exactly have an immediate point but still manages to make you feel.

Eric J (au) wrote: Incredibly stupid. With only a few very cheap gags worth chuckling at.

Darren H (ca) wrote: For those aspiring to enter the fields of acting and film-editing, this film is essential.

Tony P (jp) wrote: After what seems like endless sequels (The Friday The 13th series is far longer) we get to part 4 with the main bad guy Fred Kreuger still terrorising the teenagers in their nightmares killing many.The 'Dream Warriors' from part 3 Kirsten Parker, Joey Somebody and Kincaid Somebody return and eventually die.Kirsten's powers to put people in her nightmares are transferred over to her best friend Alice and the cycle repeats, except Alice uses some old 'Dream Master' power to defeat Freddie.The music score on this effort has been ranked up and includes the likes of Go West. Wes Craven is not involved in the project except providing inspuration for the Freddie character and basic premise. Renny Harlin directs. Harlin later directed Sly Stallone in Cliffhanger. The cast are all unknowns then (1988) and now! Only the 3 characters from part 3 return for the first 20 minutes or so.The make up effects continue to impress in this film. I will now have to track down part 5.

Mark O (ru) wrote: This film is rather silly. It's a not a spoof exactly, but it doesn't take itself too seriously either.

Neonol n (es) wrote: Crazy! yeah! must be crazy if you wanna Famous!

Catinca C (es) wrote: Beautiful movie about Mr. Gandhi's life, about how an ordinary educated stubborn enlightened man can change history, with determination and wit. The film is long enough and simple enough to show the brilliant story while allowing the characters to grow. Very beautiful!

Jason K (it) wrote: Welcome to the 70s, where every movie has to be long, over dialoged, and things just have to work out for the character in everyway (even if its impossible). Breaking into a CIA house- easy. Rerouting 50 phone lines without experience- sure. Sleeping with the guy that just kidnapped you- why not. Knowing how to fight assassins and shoot a gun better then a hitman- of course. ugh.

Ciolacu G (kr) wrote: Seeing "Orpheus" today is like glimpsing a cinematic realm that has passed completely from the scene. - Ebert

Jason B (ru) wrote: Straw Dogs is a fairly difficult film for me to watch. Really it should be difficult for anyone to watch as the centerpiece of the movie is a brutal rape scene that should turn anyone away from the screen. The overall story is pretty weak as we watch Dustin Hoffman, a mathematician with a short fuse, moves with his wife, Susan George, to England while he is on a furlough to write a book. Once there they are terrorized by locals leading up to a climactic battle scene is intense violence.I struggle to recommend this movie to anyone though I must say it is well shot and well made, themes aside.