Mrs. Malhotra (Reema Lagoo) is the mother of twins, who were separated at birth, and she only has one son. Since then she has been in shock and confined in a wheelchair in the USA. Quiet and mature Prem, (Salman Khan) one of the twins, and his dad (Dalip Tahil) return to India together with Mrs. Malhotra to get Prem married to outgoing and percocious Mala (Karishma Kapoor), who is the daughter of Mr. Sharma (Kader Khan). There Prem meets with his twin brother very outgoing and percocious Raja (also Salman Khan), who looks like him, but is exactly the opposite in nature, A series of comic scenes result as a result of the twins getting together. Raja loves quiet and mature Roopa (Rambha), and both the girls are confused by the change they perceive in their respective lovers. To muddy the waters Tiger Ratanlal (Mukesh Rishi) has sworn vengeance against the Malhotra family for what they did to his dad (Deepak Shirke).

Mrs. Malhotra (Reema Lagoo) is the mother of twins, who were separated at birth, and she only has one son. Since then she has been in shock and confined in a wheelchair in the USA. Quiet ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trevor H (br) wrote: A good companion piece to the book, "Word Freak".

Lee (it) wrote: If you can put up with movies with pocket money budgets, extremely bad acting, unknown actors, ridiculous plots, crappy dialogue, and scenes of complete pointlessness, then you'll probably get through watching "Flesh for the Beast" without suffering too much infront of your TV.It's a film that's basically been aimed at the gore hound out there, and I being one of them will enjoy this film more than most, even if the gore did look pretty damn fake. As for the plot...I won't waste another word on that. It's an absolute sleaze-fest, and all you'll find yourself doing is waiting for the next gory death or sex scene to occur. Though it may be a beyond poor movie, I applaud the Director for putting out a movie which isn't watered down and softened to make it more marketable like Hollywood do.So, entertain it does - you'll either be howling with laughter at how bad it sucks or be revelling in the sight of blood drenched intestines and the sexy nakedness of the seductive ladies.

Steve S (it) wrote: French with a gay theme, cant get much better. :PThis was a great story, very sad, loving, scary in an emotional way, definitely worth a look - brings back memories of when I was the same age being shielded from family secrets (well so they thought).I envied how much the family were so loving towards each other...

Maria C (gb) wrote: I thought it was great - Im curious why people are so closed minded and behave like hermit crabs in the sense if its not in their little shell - they dont want to know about it. Too many people live in little boxes - which is the core of the story here as Jabez (Baldwin) thinks success (in his lifeless little box) is happiness. When he discovers that this couldn't be further from the truth Webster (Hopkins) steps in to go up against the sinister Devil (Love Hewitt - Who despite all the fat-ass keyboard hero cows opinions - I think is the sexiest she has ever been) in a battle for Jabez's soul. Kim Cattrall is the ever raunchy Assistant in Jabez's success and Dan Aykroyd is his betrayed friend with very little compassion for Jabez's selfishness. If people could take a page from Jabez's "book" and apply it to their own frame of mind, you will most definably be able to familiarize yourself with this heart-felt movie based around the famed story "The Devil and Daniel Webster" by William Dieterle.

Aswin W (us) wrote: very good movie also Shue acted pretty well as autistic and some funny moments.

J K (au) wrote: A great movie if you're a fan of Illeana Douglas. She has some considerable talent in her signing ability. The story hinges around the success of Douglas and her cohorts as they try to become pop icons when pop music started taking off in the 50s, 60s and 70s. A wholesome melodrama with very little deviation from the norm. Sometimes that's a good thing if it's done right. This is.

Martin H (gb) wrote: Decent thriller with Sharon Stone and William Baldwin. An interesting premise but let down by a poorly executed final 3rd act. 3.5/5

Steve K (us) wrote: Entertaining enough film from the end of the spaghetti western phase. For a Fulci film, there isn't much in the way of gore or graphic violence, but there is a surprising amount of good directorial touches. Worth a look.Bonus: if you can watch the extras, the most entertaining thing on the whole disc is the 17 minute Fulci / making of, in which Tomas Milian's ego shines through in a very funny way.

horse c (it) wrote: A touching story from the Civil War

Scott W (ag) wrote: The final installment in John Ford's cavalry trilogy does not disappoint. Brilliantly and thoughtfully shot as ever by Ford and with many of the usual Ford faces in character roles, notably the irascible Victor McLaglen as Sgt-Major Quincannon. Wayne and O'Hara have considerable on screen chemistry in their first film together and Ben Johnson virtually reprises his cheeky horseman role from She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, but his riding is amazing.

J M (ru) wrote: I enjoyed the movie. Yes, parts of the story were unrealistic. But it was a compelling story of hope, a reminder of how precious life is in the stark reminder of how harsh and futile war is... Touching.