Juego peligroso

Juego peligroso

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1967
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   sneeze,   sneezing,  

Two stories set in Río de Janeiro. The first one (HO) is about a man who picks up a couple of newlyweds on the highway to Río. The couple's car is wrecked and the man offers his help to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angela B (ag) wrote: A found footage movie with no found footage

Daisy T (it) wrote: the story was nice..face the real world!!

Ali B (ag) wrote: nice movie ... acting seemed to be so natural

Alec B (nl) wrote: i really dont remember what happens in this movie but i was never a big fan of the whole lilo and stitch thing, although i did like the origonal movie

Shawn M (us) wrote: People pretending to hangin' tough.

Brook M (de) wrote: this movie is so funny. the kids are so mischevious and fun.

Jeff D (es) wrote: Meet John Doe stars Gary Cooper and is directed by Frank Capra. What else do you need to know?

Alex J (ca) wrote: On the surface, Hancock (Will Smith) ws an unlikable superhero that angered people even for doing good deeds. He is constantly drunk and has an extremely sour attitude. He carelessly went about, smashing into things and causing millions of dollars in damages. On the inside, Hancock was lonely, He had been by himself for 80 years. He didn't age and he couldn't remember what he did prior to that 80 years. He spends a majority of the movie without an identity and does not learn who he is until his former lover, Mary (Charlize Theron), explains that they are angels of god that have protected the Human race for over three thousand years. Hancock spends the final portion of the movie completing the process of regaining his identity. By accepting who he is, Hancock is ultimately able to live a life with a purpose. Hancock's journey to rediscovering himself starts when he saves the life of Ray (Jason Bateman), your average man. Ray is the direct opposite of Hancock, he knows who he is and what he wants to do but does not have the tools to do it. Ray takes Hancock to his home to meet his (Ray's) wife, Mary. Not much is known about Mary but she tells Ray to stay away from Hancock and states that she knows guys like him, that they only lead to trouble. At this time during the movie, Hancock does not even know who he is himself but it hints that Mary already knows him. By telling him to leave, Mary, the one person who knows Hancock's identity, becomes the greatest obstacle foo Hancock. Ray can tell that Hancock is lonely. He tells Hancock that he can help him reshape his image. A warrant for Hancock's arrest emerges and Ray tells him to go to jail for a few weeks. He says that the people of Los Angeles will want him back when crimes rates rise. Ray accurately predicts what happens next and Hancock starts to gain the favor of the Los Angeles people. During a scene in which Mary and Hancock are alone, Hancock realizes that Mary is "different." She throws him threw her wall and tells him to stay away from her family. At this point of the movie Hancock has embraced the hero lifestyle but still does not know his past. After realizing that Mary is exactly the same as him he longs for closure. He then persuades her to talk to him about it. She tells him about what they are, angels sent by the gods to save people from danger, superheroes. Hancock is well on his way to rediscovering himself. He finally learns what he is but subsequently finds that he is missing another key part of himself. That key part was his relationship with Mary. Hancock's identity crisis is ultimately solved when he learns that he and Mary can't be together because they eventually turn mortal and die. She tells him "You're built to save people, more than the rest of us. That's who you are. You're a hero". In this scene, the viewers can tell that Hancock is changed by her words that he was doing what he was supposed to all along, saving people. The movie resolves with him accepting that they must stay apart and he proceeds to resume his role as the world's superhero. The superheroes, while apparently being sent to earth by gods, act as gods on earth, much like how Greek and Roman gods had a human form. The situation involving the relationship between the people of Los Angeles and Hancock is similar to that of the Greek Gods and their favor. When the people are in favor of the gods, then the gods reward them and the people are happy. When the community respects Hancock for his deeds and actions, they are rewarded with a productive endeavor by their superhero. When Hancock was disrespected, he cared little of what for the people and often destroyed property or caused injuries.While the movie may not be suitable for kids to watch, the underlying moral that it presents can easily be applied to life. By accepting who he is and his God-given identity, he is able to live a fulfilling life. The world today is full of identity dilemmas and social stigmas that prevent people from being who they really are. These people might not have to endure an escapade quite as life endangering as Hancock but if they want to find their true self they will experience substantial obstacles along the way. The movie implies that being true to yourself will save you from an aimless life of agony.

Ian B (ru) wrote: Cumberbatch's strong performance made this movie better than it had to be. Great story, great writing, and great acting. One of the year's best.

Matthew W (jp) wrote: Didn't capture the essence of the TV show and was a really forced storyline that was unfortunately both predictable and unbelievable.