• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1947
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Jugnu 1947 full movies, Jugnu torrents movie

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Jugnu torrent reviews

Peter A (ru) wrote: Just watched this movie. Great movie to remind you about Family, Faith and Freedom. Loved it!

April W (br) wrote: Very interesting premise - did not like the ending

Saad K (de) wrote: Mes chres etudes - Student Services - CATCH IT (B-)Based upon Mes chres tudes (My expensive studies in English) is a 2008, an autobiographical book by an anonymous author known as "Laura D.", who is a modern language student at a Paris university. The book has drawn national attention in France with its controversial contents, in which the author claimed that she had to go into prostitution to financially support her studies. (Wiki)French movies are sexually expletive and they don't hesitate in holding back. This goes for this one as well. It's at times very disturbing a young girl doing things with old man, getting raped, message or just lying naked. Anyways Dborah Franois did a great job because it didn't occur to me for a second that she is just an actress. The thing about the movie I didn't like that it's slow and spend too much time in the bedroom at times.

Jg M (de) wrote: I like this one. A family flick that is pretty simple but enjoyable.

Henry C (gb) wrote: This warm-hearted sendup of 1940s serial low-budget westerns is magnificent. One of my all-time favorites. Leaves me in tears.

Jim H (us) wrote: A Russian saxophone player defects and falls in love.In this film the Declaration of Independence is quoted two separate times, the oath of citizenship is fully recited, and there are more American flags than at a political rally. Released in 1984, this film seems more like Cold War propaganda than a serious drama or comedy. The film's thesis valorizes American multiculturalism, featuring African-American, Cuban American, and Italian American (played by a Venezuelan) supporting players, and the notion that America is a tough but ultimately free refuge for people all over the world. Vladimir's immigrant experience isn't unfettered; he experiences his share of difficulties. However, the film is ultimately blindly romantic: none of Vladimir's troubles is institutional as he finds the wait time to take his citizenship oath the only impediment and the U.S. government more than accommodating. While I'll mention that most immigrants find their integration into American culture and society far more rocky, this is not the place to debate immigration policy. What is at stake is that the film comes off as wildly idealistic and myopically patriotic.Overall, within its time, Moscow on the Hudson clearly served a specific political purpose, but now it's merely frustrating, the chronicle of a dream you have to be asleep to believe.

Garrick J (ca) wrote: I really want to see a good copy of this film..

Colten K (es) wrote: Easily the best thing that has ever existed.

Teresa J (mx) wrote: One of my favorite movie i mean come on it would be nice to be in his shoes ?????? and something like that happen to me. I adore huge and julia a fun movie

Justin J (au) wrote: A heavy, story-driven film with laughs, sadness, fantastic action and set pieces, and some pacing issues.