Four Harlem friends -- Bishop, Q, Steel and Raheem -- dabble in petty crime, but they decide to go big by knocking off a convenience store. Bishop, the magnetic leader of the group, has the gun. But Q has different aspirations. He wants to be a DJ and happens to have a gig the night of the robbery. Unfortunately for him, Bishop isn't willing to take no for answer in a game where everything's for keeps.

Juice is about four teenagers who come from ancient cities. They try their best to pusuit their dreams of power and happiness, that are called "Juice". Will their dreams turn into the truth ? Let's follow them in this interesting movie . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas L (it) wrote: Peter Hyams has been on hiatus for some time now, it's a shame that his return comes in the form of something so mediocre. The once prominent action director who brought us such films as The Relic and Sudden Death appears to have lost most of his touch. Tom Everett Scott is completely miscast as former navy seal turned forest ranger, and Orlando Jones is neither here nor there. There are so many things that happen in this movie solely to advance us onto the next fight sequence, whether they make any sense given the nature of the plot or not. And Van Damm's villain is ridiculous, it's as if they gave him a fucked up hair cut and told him to say whatever came to his mind. Trust me, its not so bad that it's good, it's so bad that it's.. well, bad.

Robert E (it) wrote: I found this to be fascinating and heartwarming look into the life of a small tribal farming family in rural Laos who are uprooted by the Communist government and sent to live in a slum surrounded by bombs and landmines left by the Americans during the Vietnam War. They find the only hope of having a farm again is to win the prize money of a rocket building contest. .This movie has one of the best unintentionally funny lines ever when the grandmother says "if you can build a bong you can build a rocket."Do not be put off by the "foreign language" tag because the dialog is simple and easy to follow.

Marcus W (ru) wrote: Intriguing, until you find out what's actually going on, at which point it all falls apart and makes little sense.

Stan L (us) wrote: Very interesting sequel.

Steve S (ru) wrote: everything about this movie was shitty. the script, plot, acting, editing, everything was so terrible. avoid at all costs

Taylor B (gb) wrote: Bernie Mac will put a spice in this movie

Kristofferson A (au) wrote: A somewhat different anime (movie) that combines traditional anime style with a touch of digital animation making it an interesting hybrid of the two. This may appeal to many but may automatically turn others off to Blue Sub. Blue Sub No. 6 takes place in the future in a post-apocalyptic waterworld type setting where a rouge scientist has lost his faith in hummanity and melted the polar ice caps with a geo-thermal device of his own design. Much of floods and the scientist creates his own human / animal genetic hybrids to re-populate the earth in humanity's stead. The remaining natioans from around the world each put their remaining resources together to form the "Blue Fleet" with each nation contributing one super-submarine (Blue 1-8) to the fleet. Blue Sub No. 6 takes you directly into the driver seat of the Submarine Blue-6 (from Japan) and follows the Sub and its characters as humanity makes a final stand against the scientists intent to "restart" the earth. It's a great little series if you are looking for an anime thats a little off the beaten path. It can be a little bizarre at sometimes but that more or less just lends itself to the nature of the series, which has an odd way of sucking you in.

Marianne V (it) wrote: This love story is alive with the scent of traditional meals, digestible to the stomach and made with love.

Matthew B (ca) wrote: Poltergeist III is a terrible movie with lots of flaws and errors and it's a real same that this was Heather O'Rourke last role before he tragic death.

Sarah C (au) wrote: This has one of the daftest plots in film history but I absolutely adore this film, especially the bit where they drive through Edinburgh near the end.

David K (es) wrote: This is poor taste on coke, its weird, crazy and super Cult Worthy!

Augustine H (it) wrote: As the spirit of the New Wave, Godard showed you how techniques and tributes can turn into a movie regardless of the plot.

Bryan M (gb) wrote: look out, he's an angry young man!

Sanford R (us) wrote: It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but it was certainly an interesting Disney film. It was cool to see some of the behind the scenes things. I'm glad I got this on VHS.

Adela S (ru) wrote: Aftre I read the books and seen all the movies I can truly say that both first book and movie are the best. So because I am revewing the first movie, I can say that I loved it. Yes, another YA dystopian saga.. so what?! If that's your kind of movies, than it's worth seeing. It sticks to the book, which is a great thing, the actors are also good. The next 2 movies truly are a disappointment, so, being honest, I would recommend just reading the books if you realky like the story.

Sam E (gb) wrote: Director Kevin Asch failed to evoke any real seriousness or emotion in Holy Rollers. Plus, the movie shifts between Samuel's (Eisenberg) meeting with his potential wife and his first drug exchange so quickly that the viewer may be confused as to what transpired during that short time period. Yet, Jesse Eisenberg' character is well-portrayed and Justin Bartha plays the Orthodox Jews-gone-bad Yosef perfectly.